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Barney, America's favorite purple dinosaur, and his young friends share adventures featuring songs, dances and games that make learning fun. Barney and his dino-pals, Baby Bop, BJ and Riff are joined by a cast of children. The series focuses on caring, sharing and learning.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
BJ loses the circus tickets; Baby Bop nurtures a flower struggling to grow in the park.
aired 1 day ago
BJ hurries to get the park ready before his pen pal arrives; Mrs. Harambee Dance Troupe performs.
aired 2 days ago
Riff loses his drumsticks; Baby Bop explores different jobs.
aired 2 days ago
Barney helps Jamal overcome his shyness in time for the big dance party in the park; Barney tells Baby Bop a story.
aired 3 days ago
Baby Bop realizes there are things she can do, too; Barney helps a child who uses a wheelchair.
aired 3 days ago
Mother Goose characters visit the caboose in search of their rhymes; children wrap a mysterious present.
aired 4 days ago
BJ, Barney and Baby Bop uncover clues to figure out who is nibbling on Baby Bop's snacks; Barney and Riff look for food for baby ducklings.
aired 4 days ago
To pass the time while waiting for the petting zoo, Barney teaches BJ, Baby Bop and Riff about the days of the week; Riff wrecks BJ's scooter.
aired 5 days ago
BJ accidentally paints the caboose in different colors; Baby Bop misses BJ and Riff when they go on a camping trip.
aired 5 days ago
Barney and Riff teach Baby Bop how to follow rules when playing games; Barney reminds BJ how to have fun with books.
airs in 6 days
Riff takes BJ's new toy airplane apart; Baby Bop wants to ride in a big boat.
aired 8 days ago
Riff worries that Barney will not like his handmade birthday gift; Baby Bop practices marching.
aired 8 days ago
BJ accidentally loses his friend's dog; Baby Bop wants to take her torn teddy bear to the veterinarian.
airs in 11 days
Barney teaches Baby Bop how to count so she can help find a pirate map; Riff entertains everyone with his one-man band.
airs in 11 days
BJ and Baby Bop show Barney how to prepare for the big race; BJ feels sick after eating too many sweets.
airs in 8 days
Barney introduces shy Riff to some friends in the park; Barney and friends enjoy an art festival.
airs in 7 days
Baby Bop says she saw an elephant during hide-and-seek; BJ and Riff compete to find or make the loudest sound in the park.
airs in 1 day
Riff loses his lucky medal and fears he will not be able to play games at the Shapes Carnival; Baby Bop sees a beautiful rainbow.
aired today
Baby Bop loses her pet caterpillar; the park transforms into an amphitheater with performing insects.
aired 13 days ago
Baby Bop forgets to say "please" and "thank you"; Riff invents something to pick up litter.
aired 14 days ago
Barney cannot stop eating pistachios; BJ looks for players for his baseball team.

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