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Craig Ross Jr.'s Monogamy

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Four couples from all over the USA travel to Los Angeles to undergo a new "Swap Therapy" to try to repair their broken marriages.

Latest episodes

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Four couples are faced with a decision to either stay with or divorce their partners; past traumas are exposed and hidden truths are revealed.
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As the reprieve comes to an end, everyone must choose wisely as "The Experiment" offers them a chance to decide, once and for all, to stay with or leave their original spouses.
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When "The Experiment" drops off the individuals taking advantage of the three-day reprieve in an undisclosed location, they soon rediscover the reasons they fell in love and are forced to confront the ugly truths tearing them apart.
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The Experiment offers troubled couples a three-day reprieve, but they only have 24 hours to decide.
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After making final decisions to stay together or get divorced, four couples must deal with the devastating fallout from their impulsive choices.

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