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A celebrity couple Candace and Luvell's model marriage falls apart, but they decide to try to protect their brand and status by holding off on divorce while living separate lives.

Latest episodes

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Candace and Luvell come face to face with the true state of their relationship; Katrina's deep secret is revealed; Mora puts herself in a very compromising position.
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A crazy night of bachelor and bachelorette parties for Aunt Claire and Terrence leads to some hard truths among the ladies and guys.
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Candace's Aunt Claire comes to town with big news; Candace and Luvell try to keep things less complicated between them by vowing to abstain from casual sex with each other; Mora decides to get to the bottom of what's going on between her and Carter.
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Lunch with a super fan drums up old feelings between Candace and Luvell; Mora finally gets the date of her dreams; Quasir and Katrina get some unexpected news.
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Vaughn, Candace's sexy ex, comes to town and makes it clear he still has his eye on the prize, threatening Luvell in more than one way; Mora has her eye on a new crush; Quasir struggles with Katrina's big announcement.
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A popular and prying podcast host reminds Candace and Luvell of the complications surrounding their secret.