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This companion series to the network's popular "Shark Tank" offers a look at the enthralling and unexpected outcomes following the Sharks -- Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O'Leary -- making a deal with show's entrepreneurs. The Sharks travel across the country to mentor the entrepreneurs, evaluate the businesses, provide expert feedback and help make decisions that will -- they hope -- lead to success, growth and profits, demonstrating that the challenges and negotiations are never really over.

Latest episodes

aired 330 days ago
Robert has harsh truths for the owners of Hamboards; Barbara gives the inventor of Original Runner a boost; changes for RuckPack.
aired 330 days ago
The creators of The Paintbrush Cover try to take their business to the next level; the inventors of Lollacup try to reinvigorate sales; a brand of gluten-free cookies is successful despite not getting an investment from the sharks.
aired 331 days ago
Two popcorn makers need help paying for the expenses of their expanding business; a smartphone case designer needs assistance after her partner bows out; the maker of a peat moss alternative needs to get his product to the consumer market.
aired 334 days ago
Robert Herjavec helps the duo behind Tipsy Elves as they find themselves at a crossroads; a teen who didn't get an investment for his fruit-infused water bottle talks about his experience.
aired 334 days ago
Barbara Corcoran offers advice to Grace and Lace co-founder Melissa Hinnant; Daymond John visits Matt Reed's upstate New York property to check on his smartly designed urban beehives; Lori Griener checks in with Scrub Daddy creator Aaron Krause.
aired 334 days ago
The team behind a boxed wine aimed at millennials must prove that it can attract new customers; an indoor-outdoor play and party space for kids; advice for the team behind a subscription gift service.
aired 334 days ago
Robert Herjavec checks on the founder of Chord Buddy in Dothan, Ala.; Lori Greiner hopes the owner's of a Brooklyn-based company, Bantam Bagels, will consider a name change; Barbara Corcoran checks on Mix Bikini.
aired 337 days ago
Robert catches up with Ashley Drake and her custom-made handgrip company; Daymond tries to convince Patrick Whaley to move his company, Tintin, to Manhattan; Barbara and Mark try to craft a plan to grow Q-Flex.
aired 337 days ago
The founder of Turbopup asks Daymond John for advice; the Los Angeles-based creators of Drop Stop are overwhelmed and experiencing growing pains -- and make an appearance on Adam Carolla's podcast.
aired 338 days ago
The creators of Nuts N More want to expand into mass market retail; Lori Greiner visits Noam Krasniansky before his QVC appearance.
aired 341 days ago
The mother-son duo behind Squatty Potty; Mark Cuban worries that the creator of Tower Paddle may be getting ahead of himself; an expansion presentation from Wicked Good Cupcakes.
aired 341 days ago
Mark encourages a wine-spritzer maker to partner with the right winery; Daymond mentors the Mission Belt salesman about expanding his business; Lori makes an offer to invest with a coffee-mug maker.
aired 341 days ago
Mark Cuban checks in with Lani Lazzari and her natural scrub product line, Simple Sugars; Daymond John has a tense meeting with Solomon Fallas, who created a party cup with a built-in shot glass; entrepreneur Stephen Hersh surprises Lori Greiner.
aired 520 days ago
The Sharks question the value of their multi-million dollar investment in Breathometer; the owners of a sock business are concerned about competition; the maker of a gold panning kit needs to create a social media presence.
aired 523 days ago
The entrepreneurs behind Cousins Maine Lobster want to expand into a brick-and-mortar space; Daymond John mentors the young creator of Mo's Bows; the makers of the Bottle Breacher beer bottle opener struggle to fill orders.
aired 527 days ago
The entrepreneurs behind Plated have a chance encounter and a new investment that could revive their dream; Mark Cuban and the owners of The Red Dress Boutique have a disagreement; the latest on Ryan's Ruffery.

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Budding entrepreneurs get the chance to bring their dreams to fruition in this reality show from executive producer Mark Burnett. They present their ideas to the sharks in the tank -- five titans of industry who made their own dreams a reality and turned their ideas into lucrative empires. The contestants try to convince any one of the sharks to invest money in their idea. When more than one of the sharks decide they want a piece of the action, a bidding war can erupt, driving up the price of the investment.
Since launching "The Profit" in 2013, serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis has expanded his portfolio of businesses significantly, having invested in a number of companies on the series. Now, he's searching for a partner who can help him manage his rapidly expanding empire. To find that person, Marcus is sticking with the same format that has led to his business expansion: a reality show. Although thousands of hopefuls from across America applied for the position, only 10 people have been invited to Chicago to take part in the final interview process, which plays out over the course of five episodes of "The Partner." At stake for the contestant who ultimately emerges victorious is the aforementioned role with Lemonis' company, which includes a $500,000 contract and an equity stake in the enterprise. Lemonis says he is looking for someone with the same drive and passion as the entrepreneurs with whom he has partnered.
Candidates vie to land a job with Donald Trump.
Being the chairman and CEO of multibillion-dollar corporation Camping World takes up a lot of Marcus Lemonis' time. But when he's not running the company, he's searching for struggling businesses in need of cash. Lemonis tries to help turn each company around by offering cash for a piece of the business and a percentage of the profits. Now he's bringing that process to TV with this series, in which he puts millions of dollars of his own money on the line. Once he's working with the company, he does whatever is necessary to save the business and make a profit for himself -- even if it means firing the president. Although some of his changes could be considered radical, the companies should be willing to go along with them because in the last 10 years, Lemonis has successfully turned around more than 100 companies. To quote the not-so-humble Lemonis, "When I have skin in the game, my way is the only way your business will survive."
Self-made millionaires Mike "Rooster" McConaughey -- brother of Oscar-winning actor Matthew -- and Wayne "Butch" Gilliam made their fortunes deep in the heart of Texas. Now, they're looking to share their wealth with other entrepreneurs by investing in their companies. Along with close friend Gil Prather, the investors invite ambitious entrepreneurs from across America to come to West Texas to make their case to secure funding for their ventures. Think of it as "Shark Tank" with cowboy hats instead of tailored suits. What the hopefuls don't realize, though, is that a good product and a positive balance sheet aren't enough to get an investment from McConaughey and Gilliam; the guys only make a deal after getting a true measure of an entrepreneur's character.
"Adventure Capitalists" can succinctly be described as "Shark Tank" for outdoor enthusiasts. In each hourlong episode, hopeful entrepreneurs pitch the investors -- the titular "adventure capitalists" -- their ideas for new outdoor products. The investors then head out into the world, going on expeditions through a variety of challenging terrains, to experience the products firsthand to see if they live up to the entrepreneurs' claims. If the tests are successful, the potential backers can choose to make a large investment in each product. The investors who have the option to change the entrepreneurs' lives include former NFL player and TV host Dhani Jones, former Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom and American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East.
As if giving Cleveland its first major sports championship in more than 50 years with the 2016 NBA title wasn't enough, basketball superstar LeBron James is looking to give even more to Northeast Ohio, where he grew up and still resides. James and business partner Maverick Carter are executive producers of this show that aims to give Cleveland-area entrepreneurs investments to help open new brick-and-mortar stores to try to boost the area's economy. Four local business leaders mentor the owners of eight small businesses and test their business acumen before deciding to invest in four of the companies and support them as they open storefronts in a rebuilding neighborhood. B. Bonin Bough, an executive with a large snack-food company and member of the Advertising Hall of Fame, has been hand-selected by James and Carter to serve as host of the series, which Carter calls "more than a TV show," saying "it's a transformational series that can lift up all of Northeast Ohio."