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Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?

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Once the final rose is given out at the end of a season of "The Bachelor," the spotlight on the happy couple usually fades away, except for entertainment news stories if they actually wed, divorce, or have a child. The cameras are here to stay -- at least for now -- for Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, who got engaged on the show's 20th season. The pair welcome cameras back into their lives as they prepare for their wedding day and then start their new life together, navigating the real world without "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison around. Fan favorites from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" make appearances to visit Ben and Lauren, sharing their advice about life after the show.

Latest episodes

aired 1,398 days ago
Ben and Lauren celebrate their anniversary by arranging a surprise home makeover for a Denver woman who has dedicated her life to helping veterans in need.
aired 1,405 days ago
The couple attend a group therapy session along with friends Grant, Lace, Emily and Haley; Ben drops a bombshell on Lauren.
aired 1,405 days ago
The couple attend a group therapy session along with friends Grant, Lace, Emily and Haley; Ben drops a bombshell on Lauren, forcing the couple to hit the road and re-examine their relationship.
aired 1,412 days ago
Ben and Lauren struggle to find a compromise while looking at new houses; exploring new career paths, Ben delves into the restaurant business, while Lauren pursues her dream of becoming a zookeeper.
aired 1,425 days ago
The couple go on a camping trip with Chris Soules, Lace Morris and other reality-television cohorts; a load of trouble arrives in the form of "Bachelor in Paradise" bad boy Chad Johnson.
aired 1,426 days ago
Ben and Lauren have an uncomfortable lunch with Ben's ex JoJo and her fiance, Jordan; Lauren goes too far when she plays a prank on Ben.
aired 1,431 days ago
The reality-television stars deal with the complications of fame and past relationships during a trip to Los Angeles; twins and former "The Bachelor" contestants Emily and Haley Ferguson help Lauren pick out and install a new toilet.

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