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Picking up where the movies left off, "Barbershop" the series follows the life of Calvin and the oddball employees and customers of his South Side Chicago barbershop. Between dealing with his opinionated crew and the demands of his family, Calvin sometimes has to struggle to maintain his sanity.

Latest episodes

aired 1,244 days ago
Isaac and Teri consummate their relationship; Calvin worries that he will lose his shop; Yinka learns something about Vivian; Jimmy seeks an endorsement.
aired 1,244 days ago
Isaac's ego becomes a problem; Jimmy tries to raise funds; Calvin wants to get Romadal out of jail; Yinka finds sanctuary with Vivian.
aired 1,245 days ago
Calvin continues to neglect the barber shop; Isaac steals a client; a ventriloquist causes trouble for Jen; Romadal goes to jail.
aired 1,245 days ago
Jen and Dana encounter problems; Calvin spends time with his family; Malcolm drops the lawsuit; Jimmy's campaign manager questions his chances.
aired 1,246 days ago
Calvin confronts his mother and brother about their knowledge of his father's second family; Eddie's friends question his behavior; Malcolm sues Calvin for invasion of privacy; Jen and Dana want to open an urban bed and breakfast.
aired 1,246 days ago
Calvin puts up Surveillance cameras; Jen doesn't like that Calvin makes more money than her.
aired 1,247 days ago
Jen and Jan battle over who will find the perfect birthday gift for Calvin; Terri finds weed in Romadal's locker.
aired 1,247 days ago
Calvin and Jen have dinner with another couple; Michael breaks up with Terri; Isaac hooks up with Michael's sister Michelle; Eddie goes home with a woman from a bar.
aired 1,248 days ago
"Niggaz" moves into the neighborhood; Big Tricky asks Romodal to be his spokesman.
aired 1,248 days ago
Calvin gives an ex convict, Romadal, a job; abortion activists pursue Terri.

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