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Ant Anstead Master Mechanic

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Anstead pays homage to the legendary 1930s Alfa Romeo 158 Grand Prix race car by building his own.

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Ant has found a donor 1950s chassis, so his ambitious Alfa 158 build can now begin; digging deep into his passion for the early years of Formula One racing.
VOD available
Ant has 12 weeks until his baby boy is due, and the same amount of time to fulfill a childhood fantasy, to own a 1950s Alfa 158; but since he doesn't have $20 million lying around, he's going to build it.
airs in 10 days
Ant's 158 and injured arm are both progressing steadily, but he still needs lots of help from the camera crew; making matters worse, the body is still in transit from the UK.
airs in 10 days
A torn bicep threatens to derail the Alfa build; Ant's wife Christina stops by to make sure he isn't overdoing it.
airs in 3 days
Ant is beginning to feel the pressure of his ambitious Alfa 158 build; the only place he can get the correct body mold on short notice is his own shop back in England, more than 5,000 miles away.
airs in 3 days
Ant visits an Alfa specialist hoping to buy a live rear axle, and ends up with more than he bargained for; its win-win, but the tricky part will be trying to fit a Spider's axle, gearbox and engine into an 158.