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Animal Science

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Animals are a popular subject of TV shows, including shows that take a look at the behavior of the creatures. "Animal Science" goes a step further than that by examining the science behind the behaviors, which explains how and why an animal is able to excel in its environment. The half-hour program uses information from researchers, animations and graphics to help viewers better understand the creatures and their actions.

Latest episodes

aired 142 days ago
The anteater; the walrus.
aired 149 days ago
The beluga whale; the owl.
aired 156 days ago
The puffer fish; the hummingbird.
aired 163 days ago
The box turtle; the red lionfish.
aired 170 days ago
The spider; the vulture.
aired 177 days ago
The badger; the Siberian tiger.
aired 184 days ago
The peregrine falcon; the alpaca.
aired 191 days ago
The shark; the arctic fox.
aired 198 days ago
The seahorse; the Thomson's gazelle.
aired 205 days ago
Creatures of Asia: the snow leopard; the Komodo dragon.
aired 212 days ago
Creatures of Europe: the mongoose; the dragonfly.
aired 219 days ago
Creatures of North America: the Canada goose; the beaver.
aired 226 days ago
Creatures of South America: the jaguar; the Galapagos tortoise.
aired 233 days ago
The cow's four-chambered stomach; why some goats faint; what horsepower is.
aired 240 days ago
Australia: the Great Barrier Reef; the Tasmanian devil; the koala bear.
aired 247 days ago
Cats throughout the world; the saber-tooth tiger; cat senses; incredible feline facts.
aired 254 days ago
The jaguar's spots; how a bee sting works; salmon migrate thousands of miles to spawn.
aired 261 days ago
The lifecycle of the butterfly; how birds fly; how a Venus flytrap catches its prey.
aired 268 days ago
Animals of Africa: zebras; giraffes; hyenas.
aired 275 days ago
The strength of the leaf-cutter ant; how fast a pronghorn can run; how the desert camel can survive.
aired 282 days ago
Sharks use electro-sensors to detect prey; skunks' stinky defense mechanism; zebras vs. horses.