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This educational series takes viewers on a journey around the world to meet all kinds of animals, from the familiar to the not-so-familiar. "Animal Atlas" teaches viewers about the animals' lives, histories and adaptations that allow them to survive in their environment. Whether it's visiting monkeys or heading underwater for a look at mammals that live in the ocean, "Animal Atlas" brings animals from around the globe into viewers' homes for an up-close look at how the animals live.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
Jawed vertebrates: cartilaginous fish, bony fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
aired 9 days ago
Animals of all sorts travel in many ways.
aired 16 days ago
Humans; characteristics of mammals; whether humans are animals.
aired 23 days ago
Amazing animal societies; communal river-otters; solitary falcons.
aired 30 days ago
Modern birds are related to dinosaurs.
aired 37 days ago
Winged animals include birds and butterflies.
aired 44 days ago
Myths, misconceptions and mysteries are revealed; the leafy sea dragon; the sea cucumber.
aired 51 days ago
Animals who live near water, including the Nile hippopotamus, giant anteater, river otter and bush dog.
aired 58 days ago
Sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing and other senses.
aired 65 days ago
The animal world is full of amazing shelters.
aired 72 days ago
The naked mole rat; a tree-dwelling marsupial; the tortoise.
aired 79 days ago
Animals have many skin types.
aired 86 days ago
Venomous animals.
aired 93 days ago
The pig family.
aired 100 days ago
The rabbit antelope of Africa; dogs with harmonious voices; an egg-laying mammal.
aired 107 days ago
Talking parrots; why horses sleep standing up; the color of a polar bear's skin.
aired 114 days ago
How wild animals have been tamed over time; birds; animals raised for food; horses as a mode of transportation.
aired 121 days ago
Cats of all shapes and sizes; how they walk; the lion's roar; their extraordinary senses.
aired 128 days ago
The polar bear; the giant panda; the sun bear; the spectacled bear; the black bear; the brown bear.
aired 135 days ago
Physical traits relate to what an animal eats; the roseate spoonbill; the gharial.
aired 142 days ago
Who eats what; predators and prey.

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