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Xploration Outer Space

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Americans have been fascinated by the cosmos for decades and rely on NASA to explore celestial bodies seen in the night sky to get a better idea of what is out there. In this series, former NASA employee Emily Calandrelli visits some of the agency's facilities, private companies and universities to speak with people knowledgeable about the topic to help "show off the coolest aspects of the space industry," to use her words. Technology, a potential manned mission to Mars and planetary tourism are some themes.

Latest episodes

aired 7 days ago
The sun; two types of dangerous solar explosions; the world's largest solar farm.
aired 14 days ago
Satellites of all sizes; how satellites are made and tested; the building of NASA's ICESat 2.
aired 21 days ago
How rockets are made; how they blast off and make their way through the Earth's atmosphere; NASA's Wallops Flight Facility; preparing for the launch of the Antares Rocket; a propulsion system may be the key to one day traveling to Mars.
aired 28 days ago
Outer space; companies planning to send tourists into space; Virgin Galactic; a two-week visit to the International Space Station and a return home orbiting the moon.
aired 35 days ago
The moon; teams competing for the Google Lunar X Prize; returning to the moon.
aired 42 days ago
Creating and testing high-altitude balloons to survive the rigors of near space; a balloon lifts an 8,000-pound telescope to the edge of space and discovers something amazing; a dramatic search-and-rescue mission.
aired 49 days ago
Asteroids and their potential impact on Earth; an asteroid may have killed off the dinosaurs; the Chelyabinsk meteor of 2013; predicting impact size on the moon and the Earth; valuable materials in asteroids.
aired 56 days ago
SETI searches for intelligent life in the universe; top candidates to host life beyond Earth.
aired 63 days ago
Robots; Robonaut; the Space Exploration Vehicle; the ATHLETE rover.
aired 70 days ago
What it takes to be an astronaut; the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory; space suits; astronaut Cady Coleman; reduced gravity aircraft.
aired 77 days ago
Mars; Curiosity rover; Mars Desert Research Station.
aired 84 days ago
Successes and failures of the Apollo program, which landed men on the moon.
aired 91 days ago
Obstacles to overcome to put the first humans on Mars.
aired 98 days ago
Tracking and managing space debris.
aired 105 days ago
Some of the most inhospitable and extreme places in the solar system; where to look for life on other planets.
aired 112 days ago
The future of space exploration and space travel.
aired 119 days ago
An Alabama facility manufactures rockets; NASA tests them before launch.
aired 126 days ago
Exoplanets outside the solar system; discoveries of other worlds.
aired 133 days ago
The case for space exploration: a change in perspective; economic benefits.
aired 140 days ago
Features prominent disasters in the space race.
aired 147 days ago
Amusement park rides can be like space travel.

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