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Former NFL player and actor Terry Crews hosts this unscripted, family-friendly comedy inspired by the wildly popular YouTube channel, FailArmy, which features hysterical epic fails gone viral. Each week, a panel of comics and other celebrities analyze the latest videos that have made the rounds on the Internet, all over the world. Ultimately, the panel determines which video has earned the title of "Fail of the Week." Executive producers include Allen Shapiro, Mike Mahan, Jonathan Skogmo, Josh Entman and Nicolle Yaron.

Latest episodes

aired 541 days ago
Richard Hammond explores the potential to embarrass, injure and humiliate yourself when riding a zip line, playing on swings or trying to swallow powdered cinnamon.
aired 542 days ago
Check out the many ways to injure and humiliate yourself when walking in heels, surfing on sand and climbing a tree in this episode of Science of Stupid.
aired 542 days ago
In this episode, host Richard Hammond explores the many ways to embarrass, injure and humiliate yourself when walking on ice, riding in shopping trolleys or simply underestimating electrical currents.
aired 542 days ago
In this episode host Richard Hammond explores the humiliating and painful potential of karate kicks, urban biking bunny hops and snowboarding on water.
aired 548 days ago
What happens when you fail to convert kinetic energy from horizontal to vertical; people embarrass themselves diving into shallow water; standing on a moving motorcycle and attempting the high jump.
aired 549 days ago
Richard Hammond takes a look at the human vestibular system, how to balance over pivot points and the relationship between velocity and force through cringe-worthy videos of people head banging, attempting a swan lift and jumping into a bin.
aired 549 days ago
Check out the many ways there are to embarrass, injure and humiliate yourself when walking downstairs, giving a piggyback and climbing a ladder.
aired 549 days ago
In this episode, Richard Hammond explores the humiliating and painful potential of scooter stunts, break dancing and swinging on ropes.

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