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Crotch kicks, anyone? Amateur videographers in the U.S. submit ones of their kids, pets, friends and families in funny situations -- often embarrassing -- with the hope of winning thousands in prize money. Each week, the studio audience determines a winner by voting for the one they find most-hilarious. At the end of the season, weekly winners compete for the grand prize. Actor -- and "Dancing With the Stars" Season 19 champion -- Alfonso Ribeiro serves as the host, and Vin Di Bona is the executive producer.

Latest episodes

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Ten finalists compete for a $100,000 prize; wind blows homework out of a backpack; a toddler refuses vegetables; a mom discovers a huge mess; a dog gets excited by a dog puppet; a woman tests a bug zapper; a man sings Christmas carols in his car.
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A cat tries to drink a man's coffee; a cat curbs its appetite by stealing an entire bag of meat; the crazy antics of cats and other pets.
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A boy describes his girlfriend as being a bit prehistoric; a dog jumps off a boat to swim with a dolphin; a squirrel struggles to climb the pole to a bird feeder.
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A girl misplaces her lollipop; a kid gets a fish stuck in his shorts; parents turn their child's tantrum into a lip-syncing contest; a girl plans to live a lavish life.
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A delivery man forgets to put the brakes on his truck; a chicken surprises a woman; a raccoon tries to pass for a household pet; a person only paying attention to their phone has an encounter with a full table of food.
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A man's tire rolls and knocks down a neighbor's mailbox; a car sunroof that leaks during a drive-through car wash; kids amazed by magic tricks; a macho guy encounters bats.
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A birthday girl wishes for a better cake; teen sisters interrupt piano practice with their funny dance interpretation; mishaps between dads and their daughters; a daughter helps wax her dad's stomach.

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