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We Are Who We Are

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Two American kids who live on a U.S. military base in Italy explore friendship, first love, identity, and all the messy exhilaration and anguish of being a teenager.

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Caitlin's period accelerates her secret desire to experiment, flirt with girls, test boundaries with her boyfriend, and spar with her father, Richard; Fraser discovers Caitlin's secret, which forever changes the nature of their relationship.
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Sarah Wilson uproots her wife, Maggie, and teenage son, Fraser, from their lives in New York City to start a new chapter in Chioggia, Italy; Fraser is uninterested in connecting with the other teenagers on base, until he meets Caitlin.
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As his deployment is fast-tracked, Craig proposes to his Italian girlfriend, Valentina; Craig's friends throw a Hawaiian-themed wedding that leads to an evening of debauchery.
airs in 5 days
When Caitlin and Sam break up, the group of friends begins to fracture; Col. Wilson decides to deploy her troops early, and her complex relationship with Fraser is rattled when his crush becomes her only ally.
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HD. A visit to the Season 1 set of the HBO series We Are Who We Are.

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