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A group of young practical jokers creates over-the-top pranks for online hidden camera show "Walk the Prank" in this hybrid series that combines scripted comedy with real hidden-camera gags. Confident Chance, younger brother Herman, tech-savvy Bailey and best friend Dusty get inspiration for their pranks from what goes on in school and at home. The reactions captured are genuine responses from unsuspecting marks.

Latest episodes

aired 20 days ago
The gang gets in deep trouble after a prank they pull on Becky Snyder goes horribly wrong; Dusty sends a target on a roller coaster ride while posing as a popular mascot for an Italian restaurant.
aired 20 days ago
When Bailey discovers that Clumsy Carl is going to ask her to an upcoming dance, she desperately searches for a different date and lands on Herman.
aired 20 days ago
Uncle Will goes on a reality show to drum up business for the Joke Shop; when the show threatens Will's friendship with the kids, he must decide between friends or business.
aired 233 days ago
Bailey tries to sabotage her mom's wedding to Uncle Will by giving her cold feet.
aired 233 days ago
The gang is forced to endure reality for the first time when the city's internet goes down.
aired 233 days ago
When Drama Drew transfers schools, Ms. Spencer hunts for a replacement debater to face off against him at the upcoming regional championships.
aired 233 days ago
After Herman and Goofus get called into the principal's office, Alex Baldwin and Coach Jeacher compete to see which one of them is the coolest dad.
aired 233 days ago
WWE Hall of Famers Diamond Dallas Page and Sting, along with WWE Superstars Big E, Kofi Kingston and Alexa Bliss, join the cast of professional pranksters to pull off some of the most outrageous pranks yet.
aired 233 days ago
Former NBA superstar Metta World Peace and current NBA players Julius Randle, Robin Lopez, Brook Lopez, and Bradley Beal join the pranksters in their hijinks; Caron Butler teaches the gang a lesson about online safety.
aired 233 days ago
NFL star Michael Bennett visits the school, making everyone ecstatic except Coach Jeacher; Herman helps the coach overcome his jealousy and repairs their former friendship.
aired 469 days ago
Chance gets into trouble when his phone pocket-likes a controversial message.
aired 474 days ago
When the gang is wrongfully accused of breaking the school trophy case, they launch their own investigation to catch the culprit and clear their names.
aired 475 days ago
Suspicious of her rival's motive for inviting her to a sleepover, Bailey decides to sabotage it from the inside.
aired 477 days ago
The gang worries that success is going to JD's head when she takes over a business from Goofus.
aired 481 days ago
When Uncle Will forms a band with the kids' parents, the gang tries to come up with creative ways to sabotage their sound.
aired 482 days ago
Chance and Herman have different opinions on whether their goofy dad, Alex, will make a good substitute teacher.
aired 483 days ago
When the kids are stranded alone in the woods on a school camping trip, Bailey and Chance split into rival groups over their only supply of food: gummy worms.
aired 489 days ago
Bailey's rambunctious little sister, JD, comes to town and the gang must decide if they're going to let her join the "Walk the Prank" group.
aired 491 days ago
After Dusty embarrasses everyone, Chance considers joining a rival prank show.
aired 535 days ago
The gang goes under cover to take down a rival prank channel that steals their ideas; pranks feature Zendaya, Veronica and Kamil from the cast of "K.C. Undercover."
aired 535 days ago
The unexpected pranks get smellier and wilder when Uncle Will, Chance and Dusty pull off a fake commercial for Stank Be Gone foot spray.

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