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Coop & Cami Ask the World

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"Coop and Cami Ask the World" centers on two middle school-age siblings whose main source of decision making is crowdsourcing opinions from their millions of online followers. Their decisions range from mundane to crazy and all of them are decided by the views on Coop's online channel, Would You Wrather. The siblings are joined by their siblings Charlotte and Ollie and their mom, Jenna, and Coop's best friend, Fred.

Latest episodes

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Coop and Cami try to find out who the mystery person is behind a new rival streaming channel called Which Would You Prefer; Charlotte convinces Jenna to join social media.
VOD available
Charlotte asks Coop to be a part of her a cappella group for the week, which temporarily takes him away from Would You Wrather and causes Cami to struggle with the idea of sharing her brother.
aired 3 days ago
Cami loses her confidence when Minty gets in her head during an archery contest.
aired 4 days ago
Thanks to Coop and Cami's latest stream, the duo must go to school as hip-hop leprechauns; Charlotte enlists her sister to help her break up with her boyfriend.
aired 5 days ago
Cooper decides it's his responsibility to teach his little brother Ollie how to fish, but when the boat runs out of gas, he, Ollie and Fred find themselves stuck in the middle of a lake.
aired 6 days ago
When Charlotte's unexpected bad grade on her report card puts the family trip in jeopardy, Coop and Cami come up with a plan to hide their sister's grade from their mother.
airs in 11 days
Cooper struggles to complete "Would You Wrather" challenges without Cami, who quit the online show to focus on dance full time.
aired 10 days ago
When Cami inadvertently loses the money for the upcoming school dance-a-thon, the only person willing to help her is a quirky new classmate named Delaware.
aired 13 days ago
Cooper is upset to learn that Peyton is moving to Canada and doesn't seem sad to be leaving.
airs in 10 days
When Cami learns that the reason she didn't make the dance team is because she spends too much of her time doing her online show, she is determined to prove she can do both.
VOD available
When Cami discovers that Delaware makes a goofy face when she dances, Cami worries that they won't make the dance team.
aired 14 days ago
Inspired by his favorite telenovela, Fred enlists Ollie to help him devise a big romantic surprise for Cooper and Peyton's reunion.
VOD available
When Coop and Cami learn there is one spot left for the drama elective, they fight over who should get the remaining slot.
aired 17 days ago
When Cooper and Cami learn that their local ice rink is going to be sold and torn down, they come up with a plan to convince the owner to keep the rink; Jenna enlists Charlotte and Ollie to help her sell a house.
aired 18 days ago
Cooper uses an escape room game as a way of forcing Cami and Fred to hash out their issues.
aired 20 days ago
Jenna warns Coop and Cami they have to start taking better care of their little brother, Ollie, or he won't be able to be their test pilot on the show anymore; the duo tries to step up, but winds up losing Ollie at the mall.
aired 22 days ago
Cooper is shunned at school after his classmates think he's becoming friends with Principal Walker.
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Charlotte enlists the help of Coop and Cami in an effort to become a member of the school's popular a cappella group, The Glamtronics.
VOD available
In his father's absence, Cooper starts to take on projects around the house only to find out he is a horrible handyman and Cami has been secretly fixing his mistakes.
VOD available
Cami's chances to win the class election for social chair are at stake when Cooper accidentally reveals that she still sleeps with her childhood stuffed Hippo during one of their live segments.
aired 27 days ago
Cooper and Cami learn their mother is ready to start dating again, and her first date is with their school's principal.

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