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In the middle of the Australian desert, two misfits attempt to transport a precious upright piano from one side of the country to the other.

Latest episodes

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Lucky decides to abandon his piano to continue the journey, but his mature outlook gets rocked by news from home; Meg steals a horse-float.
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Lucky finds it difficult to deal with the unforgiving Nullabor plain and hitches a ride west in the vain hope of finding his stolen piano; Meg's grief hits a dangerous crescendo.
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Meg drags a reluctant Lucky to a campsite party, and Lucky makes a disturbing discovery when he comes across a suicide note.
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Meg unexpectedly loses all of her and Lucky's money, and to make matters worse, they run out of petrol.
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Lucky and Meg's long road trip from Sydney to Perth continues, but it's not all fun and games as they come upon a hurdle.
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After learning his mother has only days to live, Lucky Flynn drives 4,000km from Sydney to Perth to say his goodbyes.

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