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Untold Stories of the E.R.

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"Untold Stories of the E.R." is a fast-paced medical series that blends re-enactments of real emergency room cases with comments by the actual physicians and nurses involved in the procedures. Often the patients give first-person accounts as well, and some even play themselves during the re-enactments.

Latest episodes

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Two seemingly unrelated gunshot wounds lead to a bizarre night in the ER; a senior nurse unravels at the sight of a critical patient, and reveals a shocking secret; a patient's grave symptoms mysteriously disappear whenever the doctor touches him.
aired 2 days ago
A young pregnant woman in labor begs the ER doctor to keep her pregnancy a secret from her father; twins share confusing symptoms; a man with no pulse or blood pressure is still alive and breathing.
aired 3 days ago
A doctor treats three gunshot victims who claim be innocent bystanders; a doctor must perform emergency brain surgery on his first day; a bride-to-be suddenly slips into a diabetic coma.
aired 3 days ago
A man's face and body suddenly double in size; a young woman is burning up from the inside out after a day at the beach; a grumpy old man nearly dies before revealing an emotional secret.
aired 4 days ago
A patient appears to be hallucinating and sends ER staff on a wild goose chase; a new nurse makes a shocking mistake; doctors try to help a former EMT who was found lethargic and slurring his words.
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A teenage girl is impaled through the neck on an iron fence; a patient is convinced he's turning into a vampire; a first-year attending physician stands up to a room full of senior specialists to save the life of a critically ill pregnant woman.
aired 6 days ago
A pregnant woman is shot in the abdomen; a doctor is the victim of a car burglary; a storm is preventing a patient's life-saving surgery.
VOD available
A man passes out from abdominal pain; a woman helps solve the mystery of her estranged father's deadly symptoms; a group of delirious Civil War re-enactment soldiers arrives in the ER.
VOD available
A wrist fracture turns into a medical mystery; two fishermen get stuck on the same lure; a cheerleader with a sprained finger nearly dies of an unexpected cause; a power outage foils the ER team's effort to get a dying patient to the O.R.
aired 9 days ago
A boa constrictor has wrapped around a man's arm and won't let go; a young woman has a severe laceration, but doctors begin to suspect there may be more to her case than the injury; a young man goes into anaphylactic shock after a dinner out.
aired 10 days ago
A Halloween zombie with a problem below the belt mystifies doctors; two unconscious men are involved in an accident, a doctor makes a mistake that amazingly explains a patient's condition.
aired 11 days ago
Bizarre fishing injuries; deadly abdominal pains; teenage victims of a car crash.
aired 11 days ago
A man's itchy rash turns out to be more than just poison oak; a young woman bleeds profusely from the inside of her lip, but there is no obvious cause; a family of three is admitted as car accident victims, but the doctor makes a shocking discovery.
aired 12 days ago
A student's head is impaled by a trophy deer's antlers; a semi-conscious car crash victim; a woman with an allergic reaction.
aired 13 days ago
Two separate car crash victims are brought to the ER in their underwear; a woman is acting delusional and refuses to allow the ER staff to touch her; a doctor struggles to diagnose a dehydrated and nauseous 10 year old.
VOD available
A woman comes in with a piece of rebar impaling her thigh; a man brings his girlfriend into the ER for an STD workup; an ER doctor confronts a woman's prejudiced colleagues.
VOD available
The ER is a crime scene when a woman's belly pain is caused by smuggled narcotics; a doctor is mystified by heart attacks occurring the same day in the same family; strange markings on the body of a car crash victim lead to the cause of the accident.
aired 15 days ago
A man injured in a medieval role playing battle has a sword impaled in his head; a critically ill patient is so afraid of germs he won't allow doctors to treat him; two patients with the same life-threatening symptoms.
aired 16 days ago
A woman stops eating because she believes she is dead; a runner goes blind in one eye during a marathon; an ER tech's stroke-like symptoms.
aired 17 days ago
Police officers bring in a criminal that is comatose; a man found passed out in the snow with no jacket or shoes arrives in the ER and a doctor is faced with a family emergency on her day-off.
aired 19 days ago
A surfer is impaled between the legs; a football player's severe leg pain leads to an unexpected diagnosis; a woman is given a clot-busting drug to cure her stroke, but she has another condition that could cause that same drug to kill her.

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