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Ultimate Survival Alaska

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Extreme survivalists go head to head in a race across the Alaska wild. Using ingenuity, experience and just the gear they can carry in their packs, the participants have 60 hours to reach the finish point of each leg of the adventure -- the series features 13 legs -- and in addition to navigating treacherous glaciated river valleys, barren ridgelines, and high mountain peaks, the challengers battle hunger, dangerous predators and unpredictable weather. There is no grand prize awaiting each leg's winner, other than the pride of accomplishing a grueling feat. For season three, the 12 competitors are divided equally into four teams -- Military, Endurance, Alaskans and Lower 48.

Latest episodes

aired 704 days ago
The eight explorers are on the fourth leg of their expedition and are struggling to stay afloat on the Talachulitna River.
aired 704 days ago
Helicopters leave the eight explorers on a snow-capped summit where they must descend a ravine and then traverse eight miles of the Triumvirate Glacier.
aired 704 days ago
The men are divided into two groups and must build two competing rafts; one weighs in at nearly 2 tons while the other group hopes their small raft will be able to maneuver in the turbulent Yukon.
aired 704 days ago
Some take the higher land, some follow the river as the men choose their route, determined to be the first to arrive.
aired 996 days ago
Competitors brace for one last battle with treacherous glaciers, rivers and mountains; teams are dropped in a glacial river valley and must reach the insertion flag where to find a cache of mountain bikes.
aired 1,003 days ago
Only few wins remain with just two legs to go; teams must design and build handmade rafts to survive the roughest whitewater they have faced yet.
aired 1,010 days ago
The elevation takes its toll in leg eleven as teams climb a steep Alaskan peak to reach the insertion flag, descend 2,000 feet to the Triumvirate Glacier and battle 24 miles of frigid terrain to reach Beluga Lake.
aired 1,017 days ago
In leg ten, teams are dropped on a remote beach and can travel by land or by sea; facing dehydration, a giant pod of whales, sickness and violent rapids.
aired 1,024 days ago
Teams are dropped on Kodiak Island and must face fierce Kodiak brown bears; teams take different routes; one man becomes separated from his team and comes face-to-face with a massive predator.
aired 1,031 days ago
Teams are dropped on the banks of the Tazlina River and must build log rafts to conquer punishing rocks and class four whitewater.
aired 1,038 days ago
Beginning leg seven on a remote tundra near Mount McKinley, known for some of the most brutal terrain in Alaska.
aired 1,045 days ago
During leg six, teams must slash through a thorny gantlet of devil's club, then some head for high ground while others bushwhack through the forest.
aired 1,052 days ago
Teams ride the historic Alaskan Railroad to a remote river valley and must traverse mountains, canyons, glaciers and an iceberg-filled lake to reach extraction.
aired 1,059 days ago
On leg four, the teams journey by land and water as they race toward the extraction LZ on an ocean inlet; The adventurers must choose to either take boats down Six Mile Creek or make a grueling hike over a mountain pass.
aired 1,066 days ago
Teams compete in leg three; descending 2,000 feet of snowy ridges, slopes and swamps to reach the landing zone at Talachulitna Lake.
aired 1,073 days ago
In the second leg of the competition teams are dropped near the top of a mountain peak and must descend the mountain in any way possible.
aired 1,080 days ago
In the first leg, teams must cross a rapidly thawing lake, crevasse-filled glacier and walls of crumbling ice to reach the summit of Mount Gerdine.
aired 1,304 days ago
The three remaining teams battle to the top of Mount Augustine, for the glory of being crowned champion.
aired 1,311 days ago
The teams face their toughest challenge yet; a race across an icy glacier, down a white-water river and across the open ocean.
aired 1,318 days ago
The three remaining teams go to Kodiak Island, a temperate rainforest full of hunting opportunities.
aired 1,325 days ago
The teams head out on an island ruled by Kodiak bears, one of the largest bears on Earth.

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