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Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin

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"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin brings her experience as a former federal prosecutor and current victims' rights advocate to her role as the host of a six-part series on Investigation Discovery. In the "Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin," the legal analyst travels across the United States revisiting the country's most baffling cases. She interviews detectives, prosecutors, coroners, and victims' family members, delving into homicide cases that convulsed communities and gutted loved ones. Hostin travels to Santa Ana, Calif., where a man returned home to find his pregnant wife raped and murdered. She visits Galien Township, Mich., where a young mother was smothered to death and buried in a shallow grave near her home. She goes to Powder Spring, Ga., where a woman was shot execution-style in her kitchen. Hostin empathizes with victims' family members while highlighting the hard work of law enforcement personnel, detectives and attorneys who bring the guilty parties to justice.

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After Lisa Fein disappears from her rural Michigan home, her young son tells police he saw her being attacked by a man in a snowmobile helmet; after a three-day search, Lisa's body is found in a shallow grave; police set their sights on three people.
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A young mother's lifeless body is found floating deep in the Louisiana bayou, and local police are stumped as to how she wound up dead nearly 300 miles from her Texas home; there is little physical evidence, and there are no eye-witnesses.
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A stranger brutally attacks two young women in a park in Portland, Texas; one victim is killed, while the other miraculously survives; with the help of the survivor, investigators hunt for the killer before he can strike again.
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A young woman is shot execution-style in her kitchen while her daughter cries in the next room; the killer weaves an intricate web of lies, and it takes a team effort on behalf of the investigators and prosecutors to reveal the truth.
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Kelsey Monahon, a young pregnant woman, is found tied up and strangled to death in her Milford, Conn., home; a chance encounter leads investigators to uncover a story of greed involving a dangerous prison pen pal.
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A new job in a new town seems like a promising start for expectant parents Kent and Malinda Gibbons; then, life turns into a nightmare after Kent finds Malinda raped and murdered at home; detectives find themselves in a race to stop a killer.

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Investigation Discovery's "The Murder Tapes" chronicles homicide investigations using raw and unfiltered footage, including body-cam, surveillance and interrogation-room footage. Family members react in real time, investigators give their first impressions at crime scenes and suspects protest their innocence before coming clean. Viewers see and hear it all, getting up-close and personal with real-life murder investigations. Episodes track cases from start to finish, proving that the truth wins out when tapes roll.
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Investigation Discovery's true-crime series, "Home Sweet Homicide," explores murders committed in the sanctuary of victims' homes. Homeowners are suffused with a sense of safety after locking their doors, enabling their home security systems and turning on all their lights. However, cold-blooded killers violate this sense of safety, using it against their victims, who are taken unawares in the one place where they felt free from danger. Planning the perfect crime, home invaders become acquainted with their targets' routines and familiarize themselves with the layouts of their houses. In one episode, a young mother is found brutally murdered in her home in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y., and detectives scratch their heads over snowy footprints that lead up to her house but not away from it. In another, a top real estate agent vanishes after meeting a new client, and police must find out if anyone had a reason to harm her.
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Like a pane of glass cracking in all directions before shattering, the impact of a single crime can create ripple effects that forever alter multiple lives. This Investigation Discovery series unravels actual homicide cases to explore how the past continues to haunt the present for those involved -- loved ones, witnesses, and law enforcement. Each episode is structured around three distinct perspectives of the same crime, and as viewers learn different details by way of first-person interviews and stylized re-enactments, stories, which at first seem random, slowly start to intertwine.
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If anyone knows how to come out on top in a murder case, it's Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi. As a prosecutor with the Brooklyn District Attorney's office for two decades, Nicolazzi amassed a 35-0 record in the Homicide Bureau and established a flawless reputation for exposing the truth, while remaining a steadfast advocate for victims. Her expertise carries over to her role in "True Conviction," a six-episode series that follows Nicolazzi as she travels across the country to reveal how top prosecutors tackled their toughest cases. She visits crime scenes, examines cases through the eyes of prosecutors, and meets with key figures at the center of each case. The goal, she says, is to bring these true crime stories to life and tell them in a way that hasn't been done before.
Think "Cold Case" meets "CSI" with a bit of "Rizzoli & Isles" mixed in, then make it real. That's the formula for this unscripted procedural drama that follows two veteran female investigators as they attempt to crack murder cases that have lingered for years without answers and closure. Kelly Siegler is an attorney and former Texas prosecutor who successfully tried 68 murder cases in her 21 years on the job, including 20 capital murder death penalty cases in which she secured the death penalty in 19 of those trials. She gets help from veteran detectives, who dig into small-town murder cases that have gone unsolved for years in the hope of getting justice for the victims and their loved ones.