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This off-the-wall assortment of bogus TV commercials, fake phone calls and inappropriate comic sketches features Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, the creators of "Tom Goes to the Mayor." The show features appearances by a variety of celebrities -- a list that includes David Cross, John Mayer, John C. Reilly and "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Latest episodes

aired 89 days ago
The network forces Tim and Eric to hire Tommy Wisseau.
aired 89 days ago
Uncle Muscles throws a benefit to collect bones for Richard Dunn.
aired 139 days ago
Steve Brule reports on trends emerging from vineyards.
aired 140 days ago
The Mayor and Roy Teppert have a disagreement.
aired 141 days ago
Tim and Eric advertise Cinco's new product The Innernette, which packs all of the magic of the Internet onto one tiny CD-ROM.
aired 142 days ago
Eric gives Tim a robin; a father and his father spend a quiet moment in the hallway.
aired 146 days ago
Carol reveals a secret tape she made for Mr. Henderson.
aired 147 days ago
A very special wooded episode.
aired 148 days ago
Eric's attendance at Tim's birthday party depends on Zan; Ruth is home alone.
aired 149 days ago
Baseball Man must take action after noticing odd behavior from one of Chip's dolls.
aired 153 days ago
Eric has to compete for his children's respect; cross between a thong and a sock.
aired 154 days ago
Raz threatens to come between Tim and Eric's partnership.
aired 155 days ago
The Uncle Muscles Hour is turned upside down when Casey goes missing.
aired 156 days ago
Tim and Eric are late in delivering the episode and rely on Hamburger Taxi to get there on time.
aired 160 days ago
The 50th Anniversary Show.
aired 161 days ago
An old man photographs himself by mistake.
aired 162 days ago
Dilly is surprised when he finds a batch of cooked shrimp washed ashore and Krunk trips on his way to investigate.
aired 163 days ago
A chunky lady's love for her mean boss reaches a boiling point.
aired 167 days ago
Tim and Eric hold a seminar on how to build a successful sitcom writing career.
VOD available
Tim learns a problematic new magic trick; free portraits on Hollywood Boulevard.
VOD available
Eric sends Tim an ornamental hot dog; Ron Auster teaches children how to dance.

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