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Through the Decades

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A look back on the moments in history and pop culture that affected our lives.

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aired 1 day ago
The Wimbledon Tournament awards its first championship trophy in 1877; tens of thousands of fans stand in line to pay respect to musician Celia Cruz; John F. Kennedy's daughter Caroline Kennedy marries Edwin Schlossberg.
aired 2 days ago
The world gets its first glimpse inside the RMS Titanic, a British passenger liner; a look back at Sen. Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick incident; the life and writings of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
aired 3 days ago
President Carter delivers a speech that gives him a much-needed boost in the eyes of the American public; the history of an aircraft developed in secret for nearly a decade; the life and career of news anchorman Walter Cronkite.
aired 4 days ago
Trailblazer Jeanne Holm becomes the first female U.S. Air Force general; track-and field athlete Florence Joyner sets the 100-meter world record at the Olympic trials; MLB baseball player Joe DiMaggio accomplishes a 56-game hitting streak.
aired 7 days ago
Sitting down with music producer Todd Rundgren to talk about how the news of the day influenced the songs of the time; remembering when the medical community took on Big Tobacco; remembering the storm that blacked out New York City.
aired 8 days ago
Remembering the riots of the 1960s, most notably, those in Newark, New Jersey, brought on by frustration over persistent poverty; looking back when Hurricane Bertha slammed into the east coast and an overwhelming heatwave hit the Midwest.
aired 9 days ago
Looking at the brand new product that came to be seen as the greatest failure in the history of Coca-Cola; the friendship then feud between founding fathers Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr; celebrating American classic "To Kill a Mockingbird."
aired 10 days ago
The bombing of a ship dedicated to environmental advocacy; remembering Hugh Grant's surprising apology on "The Tonight Show" after his arrest for public lewdness; when a Swedish engineer received a U.S. patent for his invention of the seatbelt.
aired 11 days ago
Remembering when a man named Andy Warhol turned a soup can into art; looking back on how Donkey Kong first jumped into American arcades; celebrating the life and career of Tom Hanks on the date of his birth.
aired 14 days ago
The opening night of the Fab Four's first feature film; revisiting the nuclear test that left a massive crater in Nevada; celebrating the life and career of Merv Griffin on the day of his birth.
aired 15 days ago
Remembering the introduction of Spam, a canned and budget-friendly meat; remembering the story behind the laws that protect the American flag; NASA's historic landing on the red planet.
aired 16 days ago
Recalling the story of an airline high jacking in Uganda; remembering the day the United States celebrated its 200th anniversary; looking back on the life and career of Charles Kuralt.
aired 17 days ago
Discussing one of the most elusive and remarkably tragic coincidences in rock & roll history - the 27 Club; remembering the debut of "Back to the Future"; looking back on some of Tom Cruise's most iconic roles.
aired 18 days ago
The U.S. creates the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin; remembering billionaire businessman Steve Fossett and his flight across the Pacific Ocean in a balloon; the long road to getting the Civil Rights Act signed into law.
aired 20 days ago
"Hello Dolly" became one of the most popular tunes in 1964 as Louis Armstrong played it to the top; looking at songs like "Sugar, Sugar", "Mandy" and "The Macarena."
aired 21 days ago
Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak boot up the prototype for the Apple I for the very first time, 32 years before the release of the inaugural iPhone; Atlantis docks with MIR; the murder of TV star and radio host Bob Crane.
aired 22 days ago
Sitting down with Graham Nash to talk about what influenced his music; looking back on when the Supreme Court overturned Muhammad Ali's conviction for evading the draft; significant moments that both triggered and ended the First World War.
aired 23 days ago
The debut of Queen, one of the most legendary British rock bands to date; the political activism and protests that led to the development of the LGBTQ Pride Parade; the premiere of the soap opera Dark Shadows.
aired 24 days ago
Sitting down with William King to remember his days as a member of the Commodores; when President Clinton ordered a missile strike on Iraq; celebrating the life and career of Sean Hayes on the day of his birth.
aired 25 days ago
The premiere of a romantic comedy power couple in the classic "Sleepless in Seattle"; when President Bush welcomed Nelson Mandela to the White House; recalling the shock felt after the death of Michael Jackson.
aired 28 days ago
Sitting down with Buckinghams' front man Carl Giammarese; the history of the civil rights meeting that led President Kennedy to support the March on Washington; looking back on the FBI's 16-year manhunt and eventual capture of Whitey Bulger.