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Award-winning journalist and author Lisa Ling reports on unconventional lifestyles in the U.S. The former co-host of "The View" introduces viewers to subcultures and communities that are extraordinary and sometimes dangerous, and her interpersonal skills prompt interviewees to discuss matters they don't share with close friends or even family. "I have always believed that the more we know about each other, the more evolved we become," Ling says about the intent of the hourlong documentaries.

Latest episodes

aired 312 days ago
In the weeks leading up to New Year's Eve, Lisa Ling embeds with the NYPD to find out what it takes to keep NYC safe from terror threats.
aired 312 days ago
Lisa Ling attends the country's largest swingers party in New Orleans and learns how the swinging lifestyle is evolving into a movement for total sexual freedom.
aired 319 days ago
Lisa Ling meets two convicted female killers to explore what led them to their crimes, and the unique circumstances that connect the women who commit murder.
aired 326 days ago
Lisa Ling explores the endless fascination with identical twins and the unfathomable bond shared between them.
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Lisa Ling explores the inner workings of Mississippi's fastest growing gang, The Simon City Royals, and how some members are walking away from the brotherhood and turning their lives around.
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Lisa Ling gets a rare look inside the Marines' initiative to integrate the men and women in combat training, where they learn to fight and kill.
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Lisa Ling delves into the world of benzodiazepine use and uncovers the troubling threat these drugs pose when used long term, and the challenges facing patients who try to quit.
aired 348 days ago
Lisa talks to the dedicated men and women of the Los Angeles County coroner's office on how they deal with so much death.
VOD available
Lisa Ling takes on a topic most avoid: online pornography and how it is shaping a generation's perception on sex and intimacy.
aired 362 days ago
Lisa Ling gets access to the Los Angeles County Jail, like no one before her, to understand what goes into managing the country's busiest jail.
aired 362 days ago
In the City of Brotherly Love, Lisa Ling embeds with the Philadelphia Police Department to explore how new technology changes what it means to be a 21st-century cop in America.
aired 362 days ago
Lisa explores the massive and economically diverse movement of immigration from China to the United States; traces her own family roots to find out what it means to be Chinese in America.
aired 610 days ago
Lisa engages the Satanic Temple, one of the most controversial religious groups in America, as they protest and unveil a 1-ton monument dedicated to Satan in Detroit.
aired 610 days ago
Two children of imprisoned Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints prophet Warren Jeffs give their first ever television interview.
aired 611 days ago
Lisa speaks to the women who make a living at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the most famous legal brothel in America.
aired 611 days ago
With a great number of websites dedicated to matching wealthy older men with young, attractive women, Lisa Ling speaks to the men and women involved and gets to the bottom of the allure of sex, money and power.
aired 612 days ago
Lisa explores one of America's most dangerous "one percenter" outlaw motorcycle club, the Mongols; examining what part they had, if any, in the May 2015 biker shootout.
aired 612 days ago
Lisa Ling investigates the potential class and racial inequality as it relates to dealing with heroin users in one of America's hardest hit cities - Chicago.
aired 676 days ago
Lisa Ling explores a unique community of animal super-fans called furries.
aired 683 days ago
Lisa Ling meets up with dads on the losing side of custody battles.
aired 697 days ago
Lisa Ling travels to the Lily Dale Assembly, a cozy lakeside village in upstate New York that is a community of mediums.

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Lisa Ling, who first gained national attention as co-host of the often-lighthearted daytime gabfest "The View," goes in-depth on controversial and, at times, disturbing topics in "Our America." Ling tries to provoke discussion as she immerses herself into the lives of the people she meets and profiles, challenging viewers to understand different perspectives and even question their own beliefs. Some of the topics Ling covers include faith healers, being gay in the Christian community and heroin addiction.
Comic and political provocateur W. Kamau Bell hosts this CNN original documentary series in which he travels to the far corners of America to explore race-based subcultures. Using humor to soften his experiences, Bell willingly subjects himself to awkward situations -- like attending a cross-burning, hate-mongering Ku Klux Klan session -- to demonstrate "the many diverse and colorful definitions of America," CNN says. Bell also visits a gated retirement community, experiences inner-city policing, spends time with spring break revelers, speaks to prison inmates, and travels to the Last Frontier.
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The third installment from executive producers Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Mark Herzog, following in the footsteps of critically-acclaimed series "The Sixties" and "The Seventies," tackles 10 years shaped by exceptionalism and excess. Like its predecessors, "The Eighties" intersperses rare archival newsreel footage, interviews, and comments by historians, journalists, politicians, celebrities and others, painting a perspective-rich picture of a vibrant decade. Episodes examine the age of Reagan, the AIDS crisis, the end of the Cold War, Wall Street corruption, the evolving TV and music scene, and everything in between.
Victims' rights activist John Walsh returns to weekly TV as host of a documentary-style investigation series. Walsh details stories of ongoing cases involving fugitives, with the intent of expanding searches outside the United States. Interviews with victims, loved ones and law enforcement accompany new leads in each hourlong episode, giving the public information to facilitate the capture of suspects. Walsh, a spokesman for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, hosted the series "America's Most Wanted" for 25 years, helping apprehend more than 1,200 criminals.
Anthony Bourdain had no reservations about a move to CNN. Shortly after concluding an eight-season stint at the helm of his popular Travel Channel series, the equally popular Emmy-winning host came to the news network searching for "Parts Unknown." In the hourlong weekend series -- similar in premise to Travel's "No Reservations" -- Bourdain explores the world to, he says, "eat and drink with people without fear and prejudice ... they open up to you in ways that somebody visiting who is driven by a story may not get." Enticed by the opportunity to experience cultures rarely visited by American TV, such as in the Congo, Libya and Myanmar, the chef and best-selling author also takes viewers to Colombia, Peru, Morocco and, closer to home, Koreatown in Los Angeles.
A fearless, raw approach to storytelling is the trademark of "VICE," a groundbreaking newsmagazine series that tackles global issues often overlooked by traditional media. From anti-government rebellions, to hotbeds of terrorist activity, to conflict and corruption, "VICE" uses an engrossing documentary style to bring unique perspective to events shaping the future. The series takes its name from a youth media company operating in more than 34 countries. Its founder, Shane Smith, is the host and chief on-air correspondent of "VICE," joined by a network of reporters including VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi, documentary filmmaker and author Ben Anderson, Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist Fazeelat Aslam, and Iranian photojournalist and filmmaker Gelareh Kiazand.
Executive-produced by Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Mark Herzog, CNN's eight-part documentary picks up where the network's critically acclaimed and highly-rated series "The Sixties" ended. Episodes examine the people, events and cultural touchstones that defined the '70s, delving into everything from the impact of the Vietnam War to the unprecedented scandal of Watergate. Also covered are the Iran Hostage Crisis, the sexual revolution, the Munich Olympics massacre, and the kidnapping of Patty Hearst. The documentary combines archival newsreel footage, personal movies, interviews, and comments by historians, journalists, politicians, celebrities and others, bringing new perspectives about a consequential decade.
Tom Hanks executive produces this series "The Nineties" with Gary Goetzman and Mark Herzog. "The Nineties" delves deeply into the decade that brought about the rise of the internet -- it may have been dial-up but it still brought great joy and frustration -- and many other technological advancements such as DVDs --the VHS became a dying breed once DVDs came about -- and stepping stones in culture, politics, fashion, and music. The decade also saw the rise of six famous friends living in Manhattan and a young man in brightly colored cardigans, suspenders, and glasses.