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Award-winning journalist and author Lisa Ling reports on unconventional lifestyles in the U.S. The former co-host of "The View" introduces viewers to subcultures and communities that are extraordinary and sometimes dangerous, and her interpersonal skills prompt interviewees to discuss matters they don't share with close friends or even family. "I have always believed that the more we know about each other, the more evolved we become," Ling says about the intent of the hourlong documentaries.

Latest episodes

aired 88 days ago
Lisa explores one of America's most dangerous "one percenter" outlaw motorcycle club, the Mongols; examining what part they had, if any, in the May 2015 biker shootout.
aired 88 days ago
Lisa Ling investigates what drives women to seek a romantic companionship with a prison inmate.
aired 88 days ago
Lisa examines the question- can we manufacture genius; a genius sperm bank created by eccentric millionaire and businessman Robert Graham has produced 200 progeny in their 20s and 30s in hopes of being created more intelligent and more accomplished than their peers.
aired 88 days ago
Aspiring models who beat the odds and make it into the industry soon learn that it is more challenging and not as glamorous as they thought.
aired 88 days ago
Lisa travels to the Midwest, where more Catholic men are being drawn to the priesthood than anywhere else in the county, in a time where the Catholic population is on the rise, but the number of Catholic priests is dwindling.
aired 110 days ago
Lisa engages the Satanic Temple, one of the most controversial religious groups in America, as they protest and unveil a 1-ton monument dedicated to Satan in Detroit.
aired 110 days ago
Lisa speaks to the women who make a living at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the most famous legal brothel in America.
aired 111 days ago
Lisa takes a revealing look inside the world's most prestigious transgender beauty pageant, an exciting and emotional competition.
aired 111 days ago
Lisa explores the massive and economically diverse movement of immigration from China to the United States; traces her own family roots to find out what it means to be Chinese in America.
aired 111 days ago
Every year millions flock to Las Vegas trying to fulfill a dream and win big, but outside, and underground, another world stands in stark contrast; Lisa Ling investigates the dark underbelly of Sin City that few get to see.
aired 111 days ago
As the divide between right and left reaches new heights, one group is taking an extreme approach to politics; Lisa embeds deep in the Arizona desert preparing for threats; meets the family of a man who became a martyr for the movement.
aired 124 days ago
Polygamy in America used to be known as something practiced solely in Mormon country; a growing crop of unorthodox dating websites puts a new spin on multiple marriage; Lisa meets open-minded singles, couples and "throuples."
aired 138 days ago
Islam has a long history in America; Lisa meets 3 different African American Muslims; learning about the power of Islam to reshape lives in the black community.
aired 152 days ago
Lisa explores the legal and social consequences of convicting adolescents and young adults of sex offenses; when teenage sexuality crosses the line and becomes a crime.
aired 166 days ago
Lisa Ling goes on a journey through the scintillating worlds of Tantra and surrogate partner therapy in search of sexual healing.
aired 267 days ago
Lisa Ling investigates the potential class and racial inequality as it relates to dealing with heroin users in one of America's hardest hit cities - Chicago.
aired 315 days ago
Lisa Ling gets access to the Los Angeles County Jail, like no one before her, to understand what goes into managing the country's busiest jail.
aired 315 days ago
Lisa talks to the dedicated men and women of the Los Angeles County coroner's office on how they deal with so much death.
aired 329 days ago
Lisa takes a road "strip" with four traveling dancers, each of whom has left home for more lucrative or entertaining prospects in Internet-located stripping spots.
aired 453 days ago
Lisa joins a new generation of electronic dance music lovers at a festival called Mysteryland in Upstate New York as she relives her days as a 90s raver.
aired 453 days ago
Thirteen inmates in a Richmond City jail are preparing for an unprecedented father/daughter dance dubbed the "Date with Dad".

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