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The Secret Life of Kids

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What will kids say when the grown-ups are away? Viewers find out in "The Secret Life of Kids," an adaptation of the wildly successful British series "The Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 Year Olds." It's a comedic and revealing social experiment that features kids (4-5 years old) navigating the social world, while experts provide the audience with commentary and relatable takeaways for all ages. The kids enter a school that is fully set up with cameras in every corner. Experts and teachers work with the kids in the classroom to introduce creative activities that provide insight into how children think and behave. The experiment shows how they interact with one another and approach topics such as love, relationships, teamwork, trust and the complex world of social politics.

Latest episodes

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During graduation week, the kids reflect back on all they have learned in their time together, from Gia P. finally learning to be a good friend, to Halen learning the value of girl power.
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Two new kids, Raina and Bowie, navigate the new friendship waters amidst this tight knit group of kids; Raina finds an unlikely bond with Jimmy; Bowie and Harlo become thick as thieves.
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Experts examine the differences between girls and boys through the way they play, express themselves in relationships, and problem solve.
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Madelyn finally stands up for herself after Gia goes too far; Quinton pushes past his fear of failure and takes an apple-balancing risk.
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Role playing romance becomes a contagious game; Jimmy and Eiryn handle being rejected in very different ways.
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The 5-year-olds begin their first day of school and love sparks between Halen and Harlo; Gia P emerges as queen bee among her girl peers.

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