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The Pacific

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Based on the accounts of Marines in World War II, this 10-part miniseries follows the intertwined journeys of three U.S. Marines in the Pacific Theater -- Pfcs. Robert Leckie and Eugene B. Sledge and Sgt. John Basilone -- from their first battle against Japan on Guadalcanal, across the sands of Iwo Jima and the horror of Okinawa, to their ultimately triumphant return after V-J Day. The producing team behind "The Pacific," including Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, also was behind HBO's award-winning miniseries "Band of Brothers."

Latest episodes

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Leckie returns home; Sledge reunites with his family in Alabama, but is unsure why he survived unscathed.
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Conditions and morality strain the Marines when they are sent to relieve an Army Division.
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Basilone convinces the Marines to allow him to train troops headed for combat; Basilone enjoys a whirlwind romance with a female Marine.
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The Marines are determined to fight to the last man; Sledge veers to the edge of a moral collapse.
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The Marines attempt to capture the Peleliu airfield; Leckie is evacuated from the island; Sledge learns what is required to fight another day.
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Basilone's celebrity grows on the war bonds tour; Sledge gets his first taste of combat; the 1st Marine Division meets Japanese resistance.
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Sledge trains for combat at Camp Elliott; Leckie is hospitalized after displaying physical and mental effects of combat.
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After the four-month ordeal on Guadalcanal, Leckie, Basilone and thousands of their comrades land in Melbourne; Leckie becomes involved with an Australian woman; Basilone is asked to return home to help sell U.S. war bonds.
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Basilone and the 7th Marines arrive on Guadalcanal to reinforce the 1st Marine Division as they defend a crucial airstrip; Basilone suffers a personal loss; the exhausted members of the 1st Marine Division are evacuated.
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In the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Marine Sgt. John Basilone prepares to ship out; budding journalist Robert Leckie enlists in the Marine Corps; Sidney Phillips leaves for boot camp; the 1st Marine Division lands on Guadalcanal.

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