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Generation Kill

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Highly trained young Marines of the First Reconnaissance Battalion struggle with inadequate supplies, bureaucratic snafus and poor communication as they lead the drive into Baghdad during the first weeks of the war in Iraq, in a seven-part miniseries based on the best-selling nonfiction book by embedded Rolling Stone correspondent Evan Wright.

Latest episodes

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Bravo reaches Baghdad; First Recon sends out sporadic patrols into the city for information; Fick becomes disillusioned with the lack of plans; the men celebrate their last night in Baghdad.
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First Recon must escort civilians fleeing Baghdad down the highway; Ferrando itches to get back to fighting; First Recon has to go up against Iraqi armor with help from Marine reservists.
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First Recon learns of an ambush on a bridge ahead from Iraqi locals; although LAVs assault the bridge first, Bravo still encounters complications when they cross.
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After a supply truck is looted, First Recon is down to one meal a day; Alpha must recover the body of a slain Marine; Bravo sets up a roadblock outside of Al Hayy.
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Bravo awaits new orders; Fick tries to take control of a dangerous situation; Godfather orders Bravo to trek through the night, treating all Iraqis as hostile.
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Bravo company heads toward Nasiriyah, where Alpha company is involved in a skirmish; a wrong turn causes Bravo to lag behind other companies.
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U.S. First Recon Marines prepare to invade Iraq; soldiers pass time while awaiting orders; a writer from "Rolling Stone" magazine becomes embedded with the unit.

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