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The Librarians

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Cued by the popular "The Librarian" trilogy, this series introduces new members of an ancient group protecting mystical artifacts. Hidden below the Metropolitan Public Library, the secret society's longtime leader is Flynn Carsen, whose job has become very complicated. To help, the Library recruits Eve, a counterterrorism agent responsible for organizational security; Jacob, who has encyclopedic knowledge of art, architecture and history; Cassandra, who links auditory/sensory hallucinations to memory; and Ezekiel, a skilled thief and master technician. Overseeing them is Jenkins, the reclusive caretaker of the Library's sleepy little annex in Oregon. Noah Wyle executive produces and recurs as Flynn, the role he played in the movie series.

Latest episodes

aired 886 days ago
The world is morphed into an unrecognizable place where the Library never existed; Baird brings the Librarians together in an attempt to prevent the bleak, new world from becoming the new reality.
aired 893 days ago
It's time to choose the Librarian who will be tethered to Baird, but no one can decide, so the Library comes up with a trial during which the Librarians will be reduced to their most primal selves and abandoned in nightmarish landscapes.
aired 900 days ago
After switching bodies with a 28-year-old slacker named Jeff, Jenkins enlists the help of Jeff's hapless friends to find his way back into the Library to correct the mistake.
aired 907 days ago
When a town's Civil War re-enactment is plagued by ghosts, the Librarians have to uncover the truth of what really happened there over 100 years ago.
aired 914 days ago
Cassandra decides to take a vacation after she freezes up during a mission; during her visit to Havenport, labeled the "Safest Town in America," Cassandra believes things may not be as ideal as they seem.
aired 921 days ago
When dissension threatens the group, Baird takes the Librarians to a charismatic self-help guru's team-building camp on the edge of a forest where people have been mysteriously disappearing.
aired 928 days ago
When Baird goes after Nicole Noone in an attempt to repair her rift with the Library, she winds up joining Nicole on a mission to retrieve a dangerous artifact before it falls into the hands of Russian grave robbers.
aired 928 days ago
Flynn is excited to team up with his librarian hero, Darrington Dare, to take down an ancient and powerful enemy let loose in the modern day; Darrington leaves the librarians with a dire warning that there can only be one librarian.
aired 935 days ago
Drawn into the world of Baird's favorite film noir movie, the Librarians must perfect their skills in lassoing, sharpshooting and snappy dialogue to make it out alive.
aired 935 days ago
Santa takes Flynn, Baird and Jenkins on his first vacation in centuries; the Librarians use Santa's sleigh to save Ezekiel's career-criminal mother, as well as Christmas itself, from Santa's Grinch of a brother, the Patron Saint of Thieves.
aired 942 days ago
When people begin getting hurt in the unluckiest of ways, the Librarians follow the trail to a casino where the owner appears to possess an artifact capable of stealing people's luck.
aired 942 days ago
A secret sect of the Vatican Church unearths a map detailing the locations of the four cornerstones of the Library of Alexandria; Flynn and the Librarians work with an unexpected ally to stop them before the stones can be used to destroy the Library.

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