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Tabatha's Salon Takeover

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Tabatha Coffey, the opinionated and tart-tongued viewer favorite from season one of "Shear Genius," takes over struggling salons across the country to whip both managers and staff into shape with her no-nonsense business style. She assesses each salon based on its customer service, cleanliness, professionalism and overall styling technique, setting high standards for the stylists she coaches.

Latest episodes

aired 747 days ago
Candolyn, of Candolyn's Salon, is losing control of her staff and losing customers from her business.
aired 748 days ago
Kathy has invested her life savings into Hairlab, but her out-of-control stylists and poor marketing has endangered her business.
aired 749 days ago
Tami, the owner of The Loft on Broadway in Long Beach, Calif., lacks hairstyling experience and avoids confrontation.
aired 750 days ago
The owner of Salon Tika learns he has MS and must rely on his two spoiled daughters to run the business.
aired 754 days ago
Tabatha attempts to elevate a Long Island strip mall salon which harks back to the 1980s with its big hair, plunging necklines and trash-talking stylists.
aired 755 days ago
Tabatha Coffey has one week to show a New Jersey party guy that he needs to grow up and take control as the owner of his business.
aired 756 days ago
Although De Cielo Spa and Salon promises a heavenly experience,the straight-talking Tabatha uncovers a filthy hellhole when she drops in.
aired 757 days ago
Tabatha races to save a business and the owners' marriage at a salon where the staff members feel oppressed by a handbook of strict rules.
aired 769 days ago
A stylist runs his salon into the ground in 18 months.
aired 769 days ago
A woman's loss of passion for her salon has seeped into staff and clients.
aired 769 days ago
Newlywed salon owners struggle with their business and their marriage.
airs in 5 days
Owner Mike Garcia abandoned his NexGen barbershop business for nearly a year to work with youth ministry and his business suffered; Tabatha must step in and help Mike turn this once bustling business, into the upscale barber shop it was meant to be.
aired 772 days ago
A salon owner is left without her lead stylist when her sister abandons the business, and she becomes overly dependent on a terse manager who fails to provide adequate customer care.
airs in 6 days
Tabatha help Dianne Bennett with her failing Bed and Breakfast that lacks style and doesn't even serve breakfast.
aired 783 days ago
Tabatha gives salon owner, Brian a wake-up call and inspires the staff to step in and help instead of walking out.
aired 783 days ago
Tabatha tries to motivate the salon owner Bridgette to encourage her employees and take a stand with her daughter.
aired 790 days ago
Tabatha tells a failing yogurt shop that keeps adding to their menu what they should sell and helps the owner become a boss.
aired 790 days ago
Tabatha tries to change the attitude of the owner and staff to keep Pat's Hair Shoppe afloat.
aired 790 days ago
Tabatha deals with an angry, grieving owner and a disrespectful staff to help Beyond Salon survive.
aired 790 days ago
Tabatha takes on two stubborn club owners of a failing gay dance club and tries to bring it into the new millennium.
aired 790 days ago
Tabatha teaches the immature owner of Jungle Red salon to grow up and stop relying on her daughter to take responsibility.

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Although not necessarily a household name nationwide, Kim Kimble is one of the biggest names in Hollywood when it comes to hair. The celebrity hairstylist comes up with the hairstyles worn by many on Hollywood's A-list, including Grammy-winning singers Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige and Shakira. Her clientele also includes the not-so-famous through her successful retail product line and the exclusive Hollywood salon that she runs, Kimble Hair Studio. Staffed by talented but high-strung stylists, the salon is at the crux of this reality series that documents the stylists' fierce rivalry and desire to be on top. Also featured in the series is Kim's mother, Jasmine, a hairstylist and salon owner herself who encouraged her daughter to follow in the family's hairdressing legacy after recognizing Kim's talent at an early age.
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Nail artist Lexi Martone rose to fame through her innovative 3D nail art, which attracts a growing number of customers, tourists, and celebrities to the salon she co-owns with her sister Bri who is a hair and makeup artist sister. The reality series, which takes place in their Long Island salon, features the sisters and their larger-than-life Italian family who frequently stop by to stir up trouble. Bri and Lexi show off their skills to a wide range of clientele while trying to balance their relationships and family drama.
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Kristin Cavallari balances work, family, and friends and opens a new UJ store in Chicago; relationships are challenged in unexpected ways, as Kristin and Jay Cutler redefine their inner-circle of friends, their marriage and the roots of happiness.
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