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Sisters In Law

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This Houston-based series profiles several black, female attorneys who tackle some of the toughest legal cases in Texas. The women, some of whom have known one another for decades, form a tight bond to help themselves succeed in a male-dominated profession. The featured women include Jolanda, who aims to provide justice for poor defendants; criminal lawyer Vivian, who went to law school at age 30 after leaving her banking career; civil attorney Rhonda, who specializes in class-action lawsuits and has won cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court; public defender Juanita, who has handled over 2500 cases and was previously a partner in a firm with Rhonda; criminal attorney Monique, who has grown to enjoy being able to help people get out of tough situations; and civil lawyer Tiye, the wife of a well-known attorney.

Latest episodes

aired 781 days ago
The sisters stage an intervention for Jolanda; Rhonda's client makes a life-changing decision; Jolanda's client brings her to tears; Monique turns to the others when she gets the biggest case of her career.
aired 782 days ago
Juanita defends a client involved in a hit-and-run accident; Rhonda gets a surprising offer; the sisters face off as simmering tensions boil over during a weekend at a beach house.
aired 783 days ago
Newcomer Tiye faces off against matriarch Vivian; tempers flare at a tailgate party leaving one sister in contempt; Rhonda fights for a $40 million settlement; Juanita defends a hit-and-run driver.
aired 784 days ago
The feud between Juanita and Rhonda intensifies; Juanita tries to fire up Vivian's love life; Rhonda takes on a $40 million case; Jo's client springs a surprise on her in court.
aired 785 days ago
Jolanda's murder client learns her fate; Rhonda interrogates Juanita's date; Jolanda and Vivian can't settle their differences.
aired 786 days ago
Newcomer Tiye disrespects matriarch, Vivian; Katrina faces off with Rhonda; Jolanda interviews witnesses for her murder case.
aired 787 days ago
Jolanda chooses between defending her son and her murder client; Monique steps in; a new sisters arrives and causes havoc.
aired 788 days ago
A murder case gets personal; Jolanda visits her client; Rhonda is stunned by a surprise guest; a fundraiser causes drama.

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