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Sheriff Callie's Wild West

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Callie, a cat sheriff, roams around her Old West town along with her deputy, a woodpecker named Peck, and fun-loving cactus sidekick Toby. Together they watch over Nice and Friendly Corners to make sure that everyone in the frontier town follows the Cowpoke Code, a set of rules of fairness, honesty, hospitality, cooperation and hard work. Their goal is to make sure the town remains the friendliest in the West, and Callie is always ready to aid her fellow townspeople and guide them into making the right choices to help the cause. Each episode includes two original songs that enhance the story being told. Having good morals, manners and social ethics are some of what the series aims to teach young viewers.

Latest episodes

aired 869 days ago
A tough bandit arrives in Nice and Friendly Corners; Toby finds a pair of cowboy boots along the bank of Nugget Creek.
aired 869 days ago
Sparky slips before a barrel race; a scary-looking wolf.
aired 870 days ago
When Phineas Foolery escapes from jail, Peck gets locked up in his place; Doc offers hot air balloon rides at the Nice and Friendly Corners county fair.
aired 870 days ago
Bertha and Buck Beaver blackmail Sheriff Callie by damming up the creek.
VOD available
Sheriff Callie saves the day; Dirty Dan and Dusty bicker.
aired 871 days ago
Sheriff Callie attempts to lead a crowded stagecoach across a bandit-filled prairie; Uncle Bun and Tio get into a heated debate over who's the fastet flapjack flipper.
aired 874 days ago
Peck he puts the townsfolk in trouble going the wrong way while hiking Wish Mountain; Mr. Dillo has a poem for the Rhymin' Rodeo, but is nervous to speak in front of the town.
aired 874 days ago
Bandits take a giant jack o' lantern full of the town's candy; Peck tells Clementine about the Ghost Rider of the Scary Prairie.
aired 875 days ago
Frida Fox injures her tail during a stunt show; Sheriff Callie gets a new fire engine for the town fire department.
VOD available
Clementine gets feathers stuck to her so Peck and Toby want to teach to fly.
aired 876 days ago
Bandits pull a heist on the bank; Toby is appointed judge of the town's dance contest.
aired 876 days ago
Toby starts a cow-sitting business to earn money for milkshakes.
aired 877 days ago
Peck and Toby quarrel over golden roller boots; Tricky Travis returns, tricking the townsfolk into trading.
aired 877 days ago
Toby gets a new Prickly Pal, making Peck think he's lost his best buddy.
aired 878 days ago
Peck stages a mock bank robbery; Priscilla makes bouquets to make everyone feel better after they come down with the sniffles.
VOD available
Sheriff Callie helps too many people; Peck learns a lesson.
aired 883 days ago
Peck and Toby must defend the town against bandits alone; Sheriff Callie and Peck track down the Trouble Brothers.
aired 884 days ago
Folks vote for town sheriff on Election Day; the Buzzard clan traps the townsfolk inside Nice and Friendly Corners.
aired 884 days ago
Peck and Toby unravel Callie's blanket; Farmer Stinky gets a makeover.
aired 885 days ago
After Callie captures Teddy of the Trouble Brothers, she thinks she may be able to change his troubled ways; when Peck reads a newspaper story praising Callie, he grows jealous.
aired 885 days ago
Peck's slow mule Clementine causes him to arrive late.

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