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Sex With Sunny Megatron

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The sex blogger discusses underground aspects of adult play with guests.

Latest episodes

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Couples enjoy having sex outdoors; buying a vibrating sex toy; investigating the use of sperm for a skin treatment.
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The world of role play; Japanese rope bondage; women's interest in pornography; puppy play.
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A couple demonstrates to Sunny how race - and interracial relationships - can be taboo; Sunny asks her panel of experts about their taboos; golden showers; Sunny not only talks about it, she takes us to a party dedicated to it.
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Sunny conducts an experiment in an effort to prove the hypothesis that sex can help burn calories; Sunny connects with a couple who hosts an online orgy.
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Sunny explains the acronym BDSM and meets a couple who'd like to attempt a suspension wrap; kinky uses for everyday household utensils.
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A transgender woman has recently undergone sex reassignment surgery; trans-acceptance; insects on a naked body; the correlation between breast size and sensitivity.
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San Francisco residents teach a spiritual connection over clitoral massage and orgasm; the female G-spot; machines created for sexual gratification; female ejaculate; "dollification."
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Sunny urges a couple to make a sex tape to rekindle their spark; recharging relationships; clown sex.

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