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Early '90s band The Heathens lived up to that name offstage as well as on it, partying hard and using drugs. Led by Johnny Rock, the group was on the brink of fame with the release of its first album. Then, the band broke up -- on the day of the album's release -- because lead guitarist Flash discovered Johnny in bed with his wife. "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" picks up the story a quarter-century later when the drugs Johnny is using are of the prescription variety rather than cocaine and marijuana. He's out of work, money and options -- until young singer Gigi, who has a burning desire for fame, shows up with a stack of cash and an offer to get the band out of obscurity and back into the studio. The only catch is that she wants to be the lead singer, and Johnny must stay out of the spotlight as a songwriter.

Latest episodes

aired 497 days ago
Gigi insists the entire band see a noted musical therapist.
aired 497 days ago
Gigi's success on the NYC scene leads to The Heathens finding out they are somehow still big in Belgium.
aired 497 days ago
Johnny decides to stay dead for financial reasons.
aired 504 days ago
The band wants Johnny to write songs again, but doesn't want him using drugs or alcohol for inspiration.
aired 504 days ago
Johnny decides it's time to get the band back together after watching an old, sold out Afghan Whigs reunion show.
aired 511 days ago
Johnny attempts a new solo project; Gigi decides to take the band into a different direction.
aired 512 days ago
Someone from the past rolls in just when the tension of the group is at its highest.
aired 512 days ago
The opening night of "Feast" brings everyone together but in all the wrong ways; Ban and Rehab can't handle Campbell's approach.
aired 518 days ago
Gigi tries to deal as Johnny's charity anthem catches on; Flash makes another important decision; Rehab feels unhappy with his contribution to "Feast."
aired 519 days ago
When the band meets a rousing young fan, Johnny discovers he has a new talent; Flash takes notice as Ava receives high praise; Rehab and Bam see a different side of Campbell.
aired 525 days ago
Gigi helps Ava prepare for her solo debut while Johnny is somewhat supportive; Flash makes an important decision; Bam takes on a more professional persona.
aired 525 days ago
Gigi gives mixed signals to Flash; Ava works on her solo debut; Bam and Rehab meet with Campbell Scott.
aired 532 days ago
Gigi's recent experience forces Flash to step up; Noah and Bam try to convince Rehab to get on board with "Feast."
aired 533 days ago
Ava urges Gigi to try anything and everything while she is still young; a big time Broadway producer makes Rehab an offer.
aired 533 days ago
After an old friend dies suddenly, the band must question where they are at as well as where they are going.
aired 539 days ago
Greg Dulli sets Gigi up with a well-respected producer from the West Coast.
aired 539 days ago
Gigi gets a huge record deal; Bam and Rehab quit the band to become uber-hip EDM DJs.
aired 539 days ago
Johnny sets Gigi up with a boy her own age; Bam and Rehab come up with a new music genre.
aired 547 days ago
Gigi meets Johnny's mom and finds out why Mary Poppins ruined her career in show business.
aired 547 days ago
Gigi asks Johnny to get a tattoo of her name as a sign of true fatherly commitment.

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