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Ryan Serhant is the leader of one of the top real estate firms in the United States. In his new docuseries he goes above and beyond to answer the call from struggling salespeople who are desperate and on the brink of losing their jobs. Serhant brings tough love, humor and expertise to his new recruits and learns the ropes in different industries. He learns anything from selling services in a waxing salon to hot tub sales in attempt to help his salespeople by testing their skills, breaking them down, and building them back up to be stronger than they ever were.

Latest episodes

aired 35 days ago
Erick was once his company's top apartment rental agent, but there's a new rival at his company who is determined to take over Erick's spot and his clients; Ryan arrives and helps Erick try to find his former self.
aired 41 days ago
Ryan comes to the aid of Jen, who is in hot water at her job selling scrubs and lotions; Jen is in a difficult position because her boss is also her boyfriend's mom whom she lives with.
aired 42 days ago
Lisa is the only woman at a boys-club commercial real estate brokerage, and she finds it difficult to impress her boss; Ryan has one week to figure out how to help her before she gets evicted not only from her job, but from her house as well.
aired 49 days ago
Jill hangs on by a thread at her dress sales job and her boss, Jacqueline, doesn't budge an inch; Ryan has just five days to help Jill reach Maddie's level, who is a sequin-selling superstar and averages four times the commissions as Jill.
aired 56 days ago
Averaging less than one hot tub sale a month, Amanda has one week to improve her selling skills or lose her job.
aired 56 days ago
Ryan faces his hardest challenge as he attempts to help a salesperson who has no experience selling kitchens and custom cabinets.
aired 63 days ago
Ryan visits a waxing salon in Tribeca to try and help Mariel, who can barely talk about the product to her customers without getting flustered; Ryan does everything he can to make her comfortable, which lands him in some very sticky situations.
aired 63 days ago
Manhattan real-estate agent Ryan Serhant attempts to impart his professional wisdom on Tim, a struggling wine salesman in Millbrook, New York, who can hardly sell a single bottle to customers, let alone the cases his boss David expects.