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Secrets of the Space Shuttle

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The story of NASA's iconic Space Shuttle program, from its very first test flight to its final mission.

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The Shuttle Challenger's destruction causes the United States to consider grounding its fleet for good, but the Hubble Telescope may save NASA's reputation.
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The Space Shuttles are intended to be a safe and cost-effective way to get into space, but ignorance and an impending shutdown threaten the fleet.

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Thinking of taking that vacation to space anytime soon? This series examines what it might entail, from the drastic climate shifts to the stunning sights, by bringing viewers up close with these distant worlds via advanced animation. Back on Earth, extreme environments, such as Hawaii's volcanoes or the Atacama Desert in Chile, are visited by NASA scientists to approximate what a trip to the other planets might be like. Segments also include a preview of a soon-to-launch space probe to Jupiter, and what the first manned mission to Mars will be like.