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Ruff Ryders: Chronicles

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Depicting the beginnings of the label founded by Joaquin "Waah," Darin "Dee," and Chivon Dean, all of whom are related to producer "Swizz Beatz."

Latest episodes

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Ruff Ryders reels after Dee's crash; Waah manages talent exodus, contraction of music biz, and expands lifestyle brand; he reboots the label, focuses on the next generation of rappers, bikers and giving back to the community.
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Ruff Ryders and Cash Money join forces for an historic tour; the tour sells out, but a key sponsor bails, leaving the Deans to bankroll the venture; at the peak of Ruff Ryders' success, Dee nearly dies in a highspeed crash.
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With an Interscope distribution deal, the Deans expand Ruff Ryders, signing Eve, Drag-on and The Lox; Waah launches a lifestyle brand and national motorcycle chapters; as Ruff Ryders soar, fame takes a steep toll on DMX.
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The Deans build Ruff Ryders at Powerhouse Studios in Yonkers; DMX signs with Def Jam and makes history releasing two multi-platinum albums in one year; DMX and Ruff Ryders revolutionize hip-hop with the sound of the street.
aired 22 days ago
"Waah" survives poverty, violence and hustling on the streets of New York and sets his sites on making it in the music business; he founds Ruff Ryders and signs his first artist, DMX, known for rapping and robbing in Yonkers.