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This animated sketch-comedy series -- which Disney XD describes as "delightfully silly, weird and frenetic" -- features comedy sketches and quirky songs centered around the show's core of characters -- Dog, Moon, Ice Cream, Candy, Diamond and Plant. The voice cast features comics with a strong resume in the stand-up comedy industry, including Kyle Kinane and Baron Vaughn. The series is the first collaboration between animation giants Warner Bros. Animation and Disney XD.

Latest episodes

VOD available
A team of heroes helps an ally; a man can never repay a dolphin.
VOD available
A college prank war escalates; a second baseman takes a leap of faith; a werewolf learns a lesson about love.
VOD available
A man is lost in the desert; a witch gets her just desserts.
VOD available
An expedition continues; a blues star is born.
VOD available
A knight is defined; a slumber party plays truth or dare.
VOD available
A town leader can't get a song out of her head; a house is not allowed to throw any more parties.

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