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Shep Rose has a dream of being married with two kids by the time he turns 40. The most famous bachelor in Charleston, S.C., is cutting it pretty close. He hasn't found his free-spirited, smart and outdoorsy girl in the bars of his hometown. Instead, he takes his search on the road to visit friends who work to set him up on blind dates with friends they think would fit well with him. Shep is searching for "the one" who can fit into his lifestyle. He visits popular locations such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, and New York City.

Latest episodes

aired 126 days ago
Peyton fits in perfectly on a getaway to Shep's family farm; Priscila proves to be the perfect partner on a trip to Shep's parents' mountain house; feeling conflicted, Shep talks with his mother and is reminded to follow his heart.
aired 126 days ago
Shep tries to impress Bella on their romantic date; Shep turns up the charm on a rooftop date with Priscila, treats Peyton to a baseball game and woos Kylie on a luxurious cruise.
aired 126 days ago
The dream house turns tense when a surprise guest arrives; Shep attempts to handle a sticky situation; high stress and hot tempers lead to an explosion at a birthday party.
aired 162 days ago
Shep says goodbye to his road trip of love and invites a few ladies back to Charleston; Cameron begins her own interrogation of the ladies; a beach party turns salty as Shep struggles to juggle five women; an unexpected guest arrives.
aired 162 days ago
Shep goes on an unusual double date; as things start to heat up at the hot springs, Shep uses his escape tactics to reach a beautiful brunette; a health scare throws Shep's New York state of mind back into reality.
aired 162 days ago
Shep Rose's search for love takes him on a cross-country trip; Shep finds puppy love with a dog groomer, declares poetic justice on an unwilling guest, and makes a faux pas when Landon crashes his date; Shep meets a Dallas beauty queen with an edge.