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Raw Terror

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A six-part series focusing on the stories of people devastated by a loved one's murder; using highly personal, self-shot footage, the show examines the murder and the effect on those left behind.

Latest episodes

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Ross Reisner is enjoying an evening with his partner, Kevin, when bullets fly through the window of their Long Island home; Kevin is injured and Ross dies; the police hunt a former friend of the couple who flees across state lines.
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After she doesn't contact her daughter on Thanksgiving, Narleen Campton is found viciously beaten to death in her own home; an investigation unravels a murky world of drugs and violence.
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Robert Limon is murdered in a seemingly random attack while working on a railroad; Robert's sister Christina is distraught and desperate for answers; years later, detectives uncover a sinister plot involving those closest to Robert.
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Christina Woods is reported missing by her mother, Mary, and detectives uncover a complicated web involving Christina's husband, her best friend Brooke and Brooke's husband, Dan.
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Valerie Tieman goes missing and her parents Allen and Sarajean begin to worry; Valerie's body is later found buried in the woods behind the home she shares with her husband, Luc.
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Jessica Goebel is brutally stabbed in her own home and left to die near her young children; two suspects emerge: the father of her children and her new boyfriend; Jessica's sister Shannon relives the details of her sister's death.