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Private Lives of the Monarchs

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Historian Tracy Borman delves into the archives to learn more about the private lives of some of the most famous queens and kings to ever live.

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A monarch who sat on the throne for less than a year, Edward VIII is forever remembered as a man who brought about one of the greatest crises in modern British history.
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Examine the life of one of France's self-appointed emperor; a man who started with nothing; acquired everything, and lost it all again.
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Tracy Borman explores the colorful private life of Charles II, whose reign was marked less by royal accomplishments than by sexual conquests; the king's reign saw some turbulent times, including the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London.
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A look at the dysfunctional father-son relationship between Kings George III and George IV and their scandalous, misunderstood reigns.
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Tracy Borman uncovers unique facts about Louis XIV, including his collection of more than 1,000 wigs and 400 beds, his secret 30-year marriage to Francois D'Aubinge and a post-mortem exam that revealed a stomach twice the average size.
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The life of Henry VIII, England's most infamous king; a much more complex man than his reputation suggests, Henry VIII is well-mannered and rather prudish, relying on astrology and quack medicines to combat his ill health and increasing weight.
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A look at Queen Victoria and her relationships with her husband, Prince Albert, and eldest son, Edward.
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Borman uncovers Peter the Great's rocky family life, from the wife he shipped off to a convent to the son he tortured to death, and reveal how his passion for progress and science would transform Russia.
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Younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, was a fashion icon, a drinker, a smoker and someone who completely broke the royal mold.