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Inside Windsor Castle

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Windsor Castle, originally founded by William the Conqueror, is the longest-occupied castle in the world. It has been home to England's royal family for nearly a thousand years and has seen numerous births, deaths and marriages. As 2017 marks the centenary of the Windsor dynasty, this documentary series exposes the hidden secrets and treasures that lie behind the castle's walls by using dramatic reconstructions, intimate interviews and a stunning archived film. The episodes uncover the scandals, victories, betrayals and drama that have been hidden inside Windsor Castle for centuries.

Latest episodes

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In 1972, the Queen celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary; she was photographed with the whole royal clan at Windsor, looking relaxed and happy; twenty years later, three of her four children were divorced and her beloved home had gone up in flames.
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A look at recent events in the castle, from the fire that started in the Private Chapel in 1992, through to the Queen's 90th birthday in 2016, a year in which she invited the Obamas to visit her "favorite home."
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Windsor was the safe haven that kept Princess Elizabeth and her sister Margaret safe during the war, and it is where Elizabeth fell in love with Prince Philip.
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As the family made Windsor their home, Philip grew restless; Elizabeth assigned him as ranger of Windsor Great Park, but that only led to more problems.

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