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Popeye the Sailor

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Theatrical cartoons featuring Popeye, Olive Oyl and Bluto.

Latest episodes

VOD available
Popeye tries to show a big-time director what a great stuntman he is.
VOD available
When Bluto goes missing after a sea voyage, Popeye journeys to Africa in search of him.
aired 15 days ago
Olive Oyl leaves Popeye and Bluto in charge of Swee'Pea when she goes to the beauty parlor.
aired 22 days ago
Olive gets cold feet after she dreams of Popeye's unruly offspring.
aired 29 days ago
A locomotive race is held between Bluto's Sudden Pacific and Popeye's Onion Pacific railroads.
aired 36 days ago
Olive Oyle announces she likes cowboys better than sailors, so Popeye sails off to a ranch in the West in order to win back her heart.
aired 43 days ago
Popeye and Olive are looking for Olive's gold mine.
aired 50 days ago
Popeye must save Olive Oyl's goldfish after it falls into the ocean.
aired 57 days ago
Bluto tries to sabotage a performance of "Romeo and Juliet" that stars Popeye and Olive Oyl.
aired 64 days ago
Swee'pea runs away after a spanking.
aired 71 days ago
Popeye and Bluto try to be sophisticated.
aired 78 days ago
Olive invites Popeye over for a hamburger dinner, but when Wimpy passes himself off as Popeye and manages to fool Olive, the real Popeye must find a way to expose him.
aired 85 days ago
Bluto make the house appear haunted, after Olive reads Popeye and Bluto a ghost story.
aired 92 days ago
Theatrical cartoons featuring Popeye, Olive Oyl and Bluto.
aired 99 days ago
Popeye buys all the animals from Olive's pet store and sets them free.
aired 106 days ago
Popeye tries to get customers to his arcade.
aired 113 days ago
Accidents happen when Popeye drives to Olive's apartment.
aired 120 days ago
Popeye tries to teach Olive how to roller skate, but Olive loses control, inadvertently skating through shops and crowded streets before getting caught on a moving fire truck.
aired 127 days ago
Popeye finds an island of unusually strong natives who hold Pappy prisoner.
aired 134 days ago
Olive Oyl accidently stows away on the ship, and Popeye must hide her from the sailors who think she will jinx the ship.
aired 141 days ago
Popeye goes to a bullfight to visit Olive Oyl, but finds himself in the ring.

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