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Perpetual Grace LTD

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Young grifter James attempts to prey upon Pastor Byron Brown and his wife, Lillian, who both turn out to be more dangerous than anticipated.

Latest episodes

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On Father's Day, Pa follows Hector's sons into their classroom; James guides Glenn out of the desert.
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Pa drives a stolen ice-cream truck to Hector's house in Mexico; James interrupts Felipe's astronaut training in Houston.
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Pa commandeers an ice-cream truck; James provokes a rattlesnake encounter; Felipe undertakes astronaut training.
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Pa and Ma are driven to the killing fields in Mexico, while James prepares for a funeral in Half Acre.
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Pa and Ma find themselves surrounded by cartel members in Mexico; James learns new skills in Half Acre.
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Pa and Ma face off against the cartel sisters in Mexico; James faces increasing pressure from Wesley back in Half Acre.
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James has a discussion with Glenn while New Leaf's problems mount.
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Pa gains control over Hector and orders him to lead him to Ma who is in dire straits.
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In Mexico, the imprisoned Pa and Ma are separated, while back in Half Acre, James and the real Paul Allen Brown conduct a secret meeting.
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Pa and Ma discover drug addict James on an empty New Mexico road and bring him home to their ranch in Half Acre, N.M.

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