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Pat the Dog

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Pat is seemingly an ordinary dog, but he is always willing to do whatever it takes to save the day when owner Lola is in trouble. When he is on a mission, the pooch uses his canine smarts to come up with improvised plans to come to Lola's rescue. Pat's expeditions are usually dangerous and there are often surprises along the way, but there is always humor to be found in the tasks. The CGI-animated series is based on the popular "Space Dog" mobile game.

Latest episodes

aired today
aired 343 days ago
Pat goes on guard duty; Lola discovers a bird trapped in ice; some jewels disappear during a pirate re-enactment.
aired 344 days ago
aired 350 days ago
aired 351 days ago
aired 367 days ago
aired 407 days ago
aired 414 days ago
The Guanos steal Lola's flute, and Pat has to get it back in time for the recital; Lola wants to see a shooting star so that she can make a wish; Lola bakes pies with Honorine.
aired 418 days ago
Lola's fertilizer turns the Guanos into birds of prey; Lola organizes a picnic to test a new game; Victor blames Tank for ruining his new toy.
aired 421 days ago
aired 431 days ago
Pat forms an alliance with the Guanos to retrieve Lola's presentation; Victor takes Tank and Lola to the Space Festival; Pat goes to the vet to get his cast removed.
aired 432 days ago
Hoodie has an eye infection; Lola plans a surprise dinner for her parents' anniversary; Victor pulls an April Fool's joke on Lola.
aired 435 days ago
Lola installs a geocaching application on her phone, discovers a parrot, and decides to open a bird restaurant.
aired 439 days ago
Lola and Victor put their dogs in a fitness program; Lola and Victor must deliver two replica dinosaur eggs; Pat reassures Lola when she becomes anxious over a test.
aired 452 days ago
Lola wants to post a video of her pets online; the Guanos decide to show Pat what they're made of; Victor introduces Lola and Pat to Maxi-golf.
aired 459 days ago
aired 460 days ago
The Guanos discover a dog that looks exactly like Pat.
aired 487 days ago
Lola prepares to send a package to her pen pal; Victor steals Lola's homework; Tank goes missing when Lola pet-sits him.
aired 488 days ago
aired 529 days ago
aired 538 days ago
Victor tries to catch the measles; Lola takes Pat to the beauty salon; Lola's mother buys a 3D printer.

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