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Party of Five

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After their parents die in a car accident, the five Salinger siblings are forced to live on their own, with oldest son Charlie appointed the guardian of his brothers and sisters. Their new situation means putting aside personal goals to help make ends meet and keep the family together.

Latest episodes

aired 182 days ago
Jill's drug problem becomes disastrous; Charlie proposes to Kirsten; a hitch develops in Ross' attempt at adoption.
aired 183 days ago
Charlie decides to move out and begins looking for an apartment; Claudia and Artie witness a crime; Bailey and Jill are reunited.
aired 189 days ago
After breaking up with Jill, Bailey runs into Kate; Julia's short story about her family wins a contest.
aired 189 days ago
The Salingers may have to move when Charlie gets an offer to expand his furniture company; Bailey fails a math test.
aired 190 days ago
Claudia's 12th birthday approaches but no one seems to notice; Bailey goes to Los Angeles in search of Jill; Julia helps her friend Danny write lyrics.
aired 190 days ago
Bailey goes to Jill's mom after he believes Jill broke her promise to stop using drugs; Charlie is urged to spend more time with Owen.
aired 196 days ago
After an earthquake hits San Francisco, Claudia becomes obsessed with earthquake safety; Charlie finds out that Jill, Bailey's girlfriend, is a drug user.
aired 196 days ago
Charlie feels threatened when Kirsten starts spending time with her dissertation adviser; Bailey's new girlfriend comes between him and Will.
aired 197 days ago
Kirsten moves in with the Salingers; Bailey continues to spend all his free time with his new girlfriend.
aired 197 days ago
Kirsten thinks about moving home; a wild and reckless girl comes into Bailey's life; Claudia turns to Bailey for help when she can't find Julia.
aired 203 days ago
Kate shares some bad news with Bailey; Charlie's and Kirsten's paths cross again; Julia gives Claudia some tips about relationships.
aired 203 days ago
A surprise Social Services visit coincides with Claudia's disappearance; Kirsten returns; Julia and her boss hit it off.
aired 204 days ago
The drunken driver responsible for the deaths of the Salingers' parents visits the family and attempts to answer some difficult questions.
aired 204 days ago
An old family friend comes to visit and becomes intimate with Bailey; Claudia learns that Ross is gay.
aired 209 days ago
A girlfriend from Charlie's past resurfaces with surprising news; Bailey lets everyone know he is not ready for romance.
aired 210 days ago
Orphaned siblings struggle to stay together; with Matthew Fox; Scott Wolf; Neve Campbell; Lacey Chabert.
aired 217 days ago
Kate tells Bailey she wants to remain a virgin until marriage; a newspaper story gives Claudia a swelled head.
aired 217 days ago
Owen becomes sick and has to be hospitalized; Claudia becomes jealous of Bailey and Kate's relationship; Kirsten finds out about Charlie's cheating.
aired 218 days ago
Bailey has to justify everything about his life to Kate's father; Julia finds out P.K. has been beaten by his stepfather.
aired 218 days ago
Bailey makes Kate choose between him and her boyfriend; Charlie gets a visit from an old girlfriend; Claudia is obsessed with winning the violin competition.
aired 224 days ago
Bailey starts working more hours at the store and ends up meeting Kate; the passion builds between Charlie and Kirsten; Claudia starts asking questions.

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