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Family Ties

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Steven and Elyse Keaton, once 1960s radicals, now find themselves in Reagan-era American trying to raise a traditional suburban family. Son Alex P. Keaton is an ambitious young Republican, and his sister Mallory is a shallow victim of the corporate culture, obsessed with music, clothes and boys. Their only normal kid is young Jennifer, a bit of a tomboy. In later seasons, the Keatons add a fourth child, Andrew. Most of the comedy arose from the conflict between the liberal parents and the conservative children.

Latest episodes

aired 360 days ago
Certain that he will be named class valedictorian, Alex becomes dismayed when his girlfriend wins the honor instead.
aired 360 days ago
When Skippy learns that he is adopted, Alex accompanies him to meet his real mother.
aired 361 days ago
Elyse goes on stage at a local club to sing folk style, but finds the audience does not like it.
aired 367 days ago
Alex has two dates for the senior prom after his dream girl changes her mind about going with him.
aired 367 days ago
Mallory's afraid she'll lose her new boyfriend if she doesn't give in to his romantic requests.
aired 368 days ago
Alex pretends he is a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment to impress an attractive feminist.
aired 374 days ago
Alex discovers Uncle Ned's (Tom Hanks) serious drinking problem.
aired 375 days ago
Elyse is worried about her soon-to-be-divorced mother's quick jump into the singles world.
aired 381 days ago
A hysterical Mallory disrupts Alex's college interview to tell him about her two-timing boyfriend.
aired 381 days ago
Sparks fly when Alex defies his mother and goes to a bar on his 18th birthday.
aired 382 days ago
Steven and Elyse's divorced friend runs away from a serious family problem.
aired 388 days ago
When coach Alex gets players dropping off the team, Jennifer gets Skippy's clumsy sister to join.
aired 388 days ago
While working as a DJ at the high school radio station, Alex becomes friends with an older women.
aired 389 days ago
Alex relies on amphetamines to stay awake to study for exams and do scholarship applications.
aired 395 days ago
Steven's production assistant offers him the opportunity to become involved in an extramarital affair.
aired 395 days ago
A modeling agency offers Elyse the opportunity to appear in a commercial, much to Mallory's disappointment.
aired 396 days ago
Alex needs a college recommendation of an obnoxious English teacher.
aired 402 days ago
Jeff returns from college and wants to go steady with Mallory after confessing he hates Princeton.
aired 402 days ago
When Alex's carefree crush comes to stay at his house with her mother, he tries to reform her.
aired 403 days ago
Steven feels shortchanged when Elyse becomes preoccupied with volunteer work.
aired 416 days ago
Alex recruits Mallory to take an ill contestant's place on a TV quiz show for high-school students.

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