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From their "Octopod" home base, a team of undersea explorers is always ready to dive into action to explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures and protect the ocean. The group is led by Captain Barnacles the bear, and also includes Kwazii the kitten, Peso the penguin, Dr. Shellington the sea otter, Dashi the dog, Tweak the bunny, Professor Inkling the octopus and Tunip the `vegimal' (part vegetable, part animal). The animated series, geared toward preschoolers, is based on a book series of the same name.

Latest episodes

aired 297 days ago
Kwazii and Peso babysit Adelie penguins.
aired 300 days ago
A shy Sperm Whale must help the Octonauts.
aired 301 days ago
Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso are visiting the Polar Scout Emergency Post run by Tracker, a young polar bear, when they receive a signal for help from a deserted research station on the opposite side of the world.
aired 303 days ago
The Octonauts use magnets to try to stop a meteor that's heading toward the Octopod and get an assist from a rock-chomping humphead parrotfish and her friends; two young leafy sea dragons are accidentally separated.
aired 303 days ago
Dashi babysits a spinner dolphin; the Octonauts discover a prehistoric fish.
aired 307 days ago
The Octonauts go on an adventure into the darkest depths of the ocean.
aired 307 days ago
When Peso's patient, a remora fish, mysteriously disappears, the Octonauts enlist a unique undersea detective: a harbor seal; Tweak tests the Gup-X deep down in the Midnight Zone; a yeti crab damages the ship.
aired 308 days ago
Peso and Kwazii venture down to the midnight zone to help a hurt creature.
aired 310 days ago
Venturing inside a whale shark for a porcupine puffer that was swallowed.
aired 311 days ago
Kwazii explores a pirate shipwreck guarded by three swordfish.
aired 311 days ago
Peso has to perform an emergency fin bandage on a great white shark.
aired 314 days ago
A team of heroes dives into action whenever there is trouble under the sea.
aired 315 days ago
A team of heroes dives into action whenever there is trouble under the sea.
aired 316 days ago
A team of heroes dives into action whenever there is trouble under the sea.
aired 317 days ago
A team of heroes dives into action whenever there is trouble under the sea.
aired 343 days ago
The Vegimals' plan a Christmas feast.
aired 345 days ago
When a mass of poisonous sea snakes get stranded on a beach, Peso and the Octonauts must somehow get them all back into the ocean; he Octonauts follow a strange song to find a lonely humpback whale.
aired 360 days ago
The Octonauts decide to explore the deep ocean; the Octonauts discover that the sounds emitted by their submarine is confusing two whales.
aired 371 days ago
Kwazii and the gang help the coconut crabs discover who is stealing their coconuts; the team must help a giant sunfish who cannot swim straight before it hurts other sea creatures and itself.
aired 372 days ago
The Octonauts find a parrotfish; the Octonauts get help from some electric torpedo rays after the Octopod loses power.
aired 380 days ago
A slim creature gets loose on the Octopod; the Octonauts race to save a Leatherback sea turtle swept away from the Australian coast where it is about to lay its eggs.

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