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Noodle and Doodle

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Hosted by Sean, one of the hosts of "The Sunny Side Up Show," "Noodle and Doodle" showcases arts-and-crafts ideas and healthy recipes for children and their parents. The crafts and recipes are inspired by real preschoolers' experiences. Sean is assisted by his new friends -- Noodle, a lovable puppet who likes to help in the kitchen, and Doodle, a virtual friend who lives in a tablet-style device. The cooking and crafting takes place in a double-decker bus in which Sean and his helpers provide step-by-step instructions on how to make the creations. Also along for the ride is Sean's dog, Doggity.

Latest episodes

aired 1,051 days ago
The gang creates lockets for their moms.
aired 1,151 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle help friends make their new cat feel at home by making kitty cookie treats.
aired 1,152 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle make Teddy Bear Bread.
aired 1,153 days ago
Dinosaur eggs in a nest; recycling an egg carton.
aired 1,154 days ago
Story time book bites and backpacks.
aired 1,155 days ago
Cheesy beanie animal tostadas; giraffe hats.
aired 1,165 days ago
Apricot slam dunkers; mini basketball game.
aired 1,166 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle help friends thank their Grandma for a trip to the aquarium.
aired 1,167 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle help friends with a magic show by making pretzel wands with disappearing dip.
aired 1,168 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle help friends with a flower themed party for their big sister.
aired 1,169 days ago
Blueberry sprinkle smoothies.
aired 1,172 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle help friends make vegetable garden muffins.
aired 1,173 days ago
Kite picnic; recycling a bread bag.
aired 1,174 days ago
Pirate party with fish nuggets and telescopes.
aired 1,175 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle help a friend who loves construction make a tower of fries; Dad helps them build a digger costume.
aired 1,176 days ago
Aboard their double-decker bus; Sean, Noodle and Doodle help friends make a dinner for grandma by cooking porcupine meatballs and recycling uncooked rice to decorate personal placemats for the whole family. Doggity cooks up another special treat.
aired 1,179 days ago
A solar system birthday pizza; planet decorations.
aired 1,180 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle cook stuffed pasta shells; Doggity's special treat.
aired 1,181 days ago
Making bars for soccer practice; recycling dish soap bottles.
aired 1,182 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle help friends create foil covered sailboats to race on the lake.
aired 1,187 days ago
Sean, Noodle and Doodle make craft clay and a red clay lighthouse.

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