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Host Tim Shaw takes science out of the lab and onto the streets of America as he looks to amaze and dumbfound in equal measure. The irreverent "game show" offers the people Shaw meets -- and viewers -- the chance to predict the outcomes of a series of increasingly spectacular experiments, and once correct answers are revealed, the science behind each probe is explained. With explosive results and shattering conclusions, Shaw reveals the effect of everyday science on the world around us.

Latest episodes

aired 836 days ago
Finding out which combination will be enough to fire a life-sized dummy out of a cannonball; lumps of dry ice, antacid tablets in water, mints and cola or backing soda and vinegar.
aired 836 days ago
Tim sets off explosives in the Nevada desert to see what material can contain the blasts; finding out what happens when an unlit match meets superheated steam.
aired 843 days ago
Discover the intense white heat of magnesium, the strength of car components, and the winning qualities of increased muscle power.
aired 843 days ago
Gas-filled weather balloons; water pressure against a steel tank; stretching rubber bands around a watermelon; the most effective rocket fuel.
aired 865 days ago
Exploring whether phone books, soda bottles, watermelons or metal baking trays can withstand the impact of a high-tension crossbow bolt at an improvised firing range outside Las Vegas.
aired 865 days ago
Tim invites us to witness the crushing power of a steel blade, the force of a shotgun, and the explosive action of a man-made lightning bolt.
aired 867 days ago
Exploring explosive experiments; a material that will propel a bowling ball out of a cannon; showing diners what happens when they take antacids.
aired 867 days ago
Tim shoots targets from a moving vehicle, tries to inflate diaper bags and discovers surprising science behind helium filled balloons.
aired 881 days ago
Tim Shaw learns how to stop a 1000 mph bullet from a magnum and puts a hovercraft through its paces.
aired 881 days ago
On a tour of Las Vegas, Tim sets off fire extinguisher rockets and finds out what happens when a person gets vacuum packed.
aired 982 days ago
The explosive qualities of hair products, starting fluid, and the oxygen we breathe, are exposed in spectacular style in this episode.
aired 982 days ago
Hitting the streets of Las Vegas to test the sticking power of glue, the kicking power of a rocket boot and the properties of dry ice.
aired 1,237 days ago
A challenge to predict the outcome of some high-octane experiments; test the safety of various gases for use in a blimp.
aired 1,237 days ago
Learn how a harmless pingpong ball can pack a mighty punch; how dominoes can be used to create a powerful chain reaction; the science behind the Slinky.
aired 1,244 days ago
Shattering chandeliers, dancing sand, suspended silverware, a pair of swinging trapeze artists and science on the skid pan.
aired 1,244 days ago
Travel to the desert for some microwave madness by heating up champagne for more than 10 minutes.
aired 1,251 days ago
A banquet of amazing experiments; firing four different foodstuffs from a cannon to see which will travel the farthest.
aired 1,258 days ago
Projectile groceries; glass grenades; blasting barrels.
aired 1,258 days ago
Tim finds out how to shoot fire from the barrel of a shotgun, create a dramatic effect in a microwave and destroy a desert boulder with an improvised explosive.
aired 1,266 days ago
Tim asks what happens when a balloon is microwaved.
aired 1,280 days ago
Testing the strength of human hair and revealing what happens when 10,000 volts are pumped through a melon.

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