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Noddy: Toyland Detective

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In this series, young Noddy becomes a detective as he and his friends set out to solve mysteries in Toyland. Whenever something is amiss in the colorful land, Noddy and best friends Bumpy Dog and Revs get on the case to find out what is going on and how they can make things right. Noddy uses his investigation kit and WhoWhatWhere tablet to help the gang solve the mysteries. The CGI series features the character that originally appeared in Enid Blyton's children books beginning in 1949.

Latest episodes

aired 187 days ago
When Train hears cows near the railway tracks, he's worried that he might scare them and he insists on going really slow. Noddy decides to investigate : where are the lost cows? He needs to find them so that the Train service can go back to normal./There's a race at the loop the loop but just before the race starts the tyres of Deltoid's tribike are burst! Noddy investigates: who burst Deltoid's tyres ?Could it be one of the contestants trying to prevent him from winning the race?
aired 188 days ago
When Noddy tries out his new diabolo for the first time, it crashes and breaks in two; Queen Sparklewings invites the toys to play a game of Grab the Flag at the castle, but when the special trophy goes missing, the game is canceled.
aired 195 days ago
When a knight forgets to bring back a present for the Queen, Noddy sets out to help him find the perfect gift; the Pirate Captain can't practice dancing with the Queen when someone steals their treasure.
aired 202 days ago
When Noddy and Big Ears arrive at the Fairy Castle to see the Queen's magic crystal collection, they find all the toys there frozen like statues; Farmer Tom is confused and upset when he finds his trees and corn knocked over.
aired 208 days ago
Noddy's about to play a game of basketball with Big Ears and Deltoid when he realizes that the hoop has been fiddled with.
aired 208 days ago
It's time for the Toyland football match, but two of the best players are missing and the game can't go ahead until all the players are reunited; Carlton organizes a parade and notices someone took all the supplies from the Brickabuild Store.
aired 211 days ago
aired 214 days ago
Action-hero Deltoid suddenly loses all his strength and finds himself totally helpless; Noddy quickly starts an investigation; the Knights have found a mysterious Golden Thing, but the Pirates insist it's theirs.

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