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Noddy: Toyland Detective

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In this series, young Noddy becomes a detective as he and his friends set out to solve mysteries in Toyland. Whenever something is amiss in the colorful land, Noddy and best friends Bumpy Dog and Revs get on the case to find out what is going on and how they can make things right. Noddy uses his investigation kit and WhoWhatWhere tablet to help the gang solve the mysteries. The CGI series features the character that originally appeared in Enid Blyton's children books beginning in 1949.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
A group of balloons mysteriously fly away; a brick, which was used to build a toy tower, goes missing.
aired 8 days ago
Strange stickers appear all over Toyland; Noddy investigates the disappearance of a treasure.
aired 9 days ago
A yo-yo goes missing during a game; Noddy investigates the disappearance of Cloppycorn's ball.
aired 15 days ago
A spooky noise scares everyone in Toyland; the animals are upset and no one can get any sleep.
aired 16 days ago
The colours start to fade in the Fable Forest rainbow and Noddy needs to find out why; Noddy must find out who is using Queen Sparklewings's wand as soon as possible.
aired 22 days ago
A strange new crop of pink lettuces has Farmer Tom scratching his head; Big Ears can't complete his jigsaw puzzle because pieces are missing.
aired 23 days ago
Noddy must investigate a rash of mischievous thefts before Toyland descends into chaos; Noddy wants to know why so many of Smartysaurus's balloons are going pop.
aired 29 days ago
Noddy explores why Revs suddenly slowed down during a race; Noddy and Big Ears find a broken key on xylophone bridge.
aired 30 days ago
The rules to the game go missing; someone ruined Smartysaurus' experiment.
aired 36 days ago
Someone cut the tug of war rope and let the farm animals out.
aired 37 days ago
Making it snow in Toyland on Christmas Day; toys in Toyland act strangely.
aired 43 days ago
Bling's birthday present is missing; a big wall of bricks outside Fuse's workshop.
aired 44 days ago
Queen Sparklewings is unhelpful; a mystery artist in Toyland.
aired 49 days ago
Fable Forest Gold is missing; accidents in Toyland.
aired 49 days ago
Sticky putty on Clockwork Mouse's key; Fuse's workshop wall painted blue.
aired 55 days ago
A broken toy wash; a dragon comes to live in Fable Forest.
aired 55 days ago
Deltoid is scared of Smartysaurus; slippery polish is spread all over the stage before Pat-Pat's baton twirling performance.
aired 56 days ago
Lost little duck; everything metal in Toyland is jumping.
aired 56 days ago
Everyone in Brickabuild is sleepy and Noddy wants to find out why; Noddy comes up with a brilliant idea about how to return a mystery present-giver's kindness.
aired 62 days ago
The pirates are missing and Noddy tries to find them; missing music player.
aired 62 days ago
The Crystal Memory Game is broken; Fuse's special dress up Amazing Eyebrows are missing.

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