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My Horror Story

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Travel Channel's paranormal series "My Horror Story" features ordinary people who share true tales of surviving dark preternatural forces. Brave storytellers recall their encounters with demonic entities, ghostly apparitions, blood-sucking beings, aliens, and other otherworldly creatures. Hour-long episodes document a mother's story about her new home's haunted nursery and a homeowner who recalls encountering a dark force that refuses to leave her dream home.

Latest episodes

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A boy, 6, is thrilled to have his own room in a new home until he meets the demonic entity residing there; a woman wonders if her nightmares are connected to her difficulty conceiving -- or to a more horrific truth.
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A man is horrified to learn he is the target of a biblical demon that will stop at nothing to possess his soul; a ghostly woman steps out of a young artist's dreams and into reality.
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A desperate mother uncovers a shocking secret about her family's new home after she discovers the nursery is haunted; a woman's dream home turns into a living nightmare when she encounters a dark presence that refuses to leave.
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Ordinary people share their true tales of surviving paranormal forces, from possessions to alien abductions.
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A college track star is attacked by an evil entity in his dormitory room and realizes there are some things he can't outdistance; a security guard encounters a terrifying creature from Native American lore.