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Murdered by Morning

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"Murdered by Morning" showcases stories where individuals are unaware that the night in question will be their last. From a girls-night-out gone bad to an overnight shift at a local toy store that takes an unexpected turn, the series recounts how an average night can quickly turn into a nightmare. By examining each case step-by-step, the series combs through numerous suspects until the killer is eventually caught.

Latest episodes

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When a celebration starts to sour, tempers flare and someone vanishes; days later, a body is discovered in an unsavory part of a Northern California town; after the case goes cold, it takes an unexpected plea to finally catch a killer.
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A woman is abducted, turning an evening at a Mississippi casino into a nightmare; investigators uncover some startling truths and countless suspects, but it's a shocking twist that finally leads to an unexpected arrest.
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College buddies crash a party during which alcohol flows and jealousy rages ending in death; the case goes cold for more than a decade before the truth is finally uncovered and justice is served.
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In Wisconsin, a mother makes an unimaginable discovery following a cast party; suddenly, a close circle of friends is under suspicion for murder; as detectives work quickly to unravel this mystery, another vicious attack may lead them to the killer.
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In Hamburg, N,Y., employees at the local Toys R Us are faced with the unthinkable when one of their own is savagely killed during an otherwise typical nightshift; suddenly, every co-worker is a suspect, but one may be masking as a murderer.
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After a night out with good friends in Minneapolis, one of them disappears; days later, when human remains are discovered, investigators travel a chilling path to catch a killer before another night ends in murder.
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Friends in New Orleans hit the town for a night out; but one of them is found dead in the trunk of a burned-out car the following morning; no one escapes suspicion, but it's the victim's own words that eventually help bring down her killer.
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At quitting time, guys belly up to the bar at a local establishment; when the mood shifts, someone winds up dead; when another local person goes missing, neighbors fear a killer is hiding among them.
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An Indiana college student heads home after her shift, but her car is found abandoned hours later; after two horrifying discoveries, investigators wonder if they're dealing with a small-town serial killer.
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Rowdy night at Chicago pub turns deadly when daybreak reveals mutilated body; police cross state lines to track a killer, but it will take an unexpected call and a brutal betrayal to finally solve this case and find justice.

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